(Behind the Scenes SNEAK PEEK) – Deal Breakers Workshop Show

GGA Sneak Peek

Hello All,

If you were wondering how these things work, we have a production crew that puts together our shows.  This includes Nathan Edwards, Keenan Garett, Chad Edwards, and Blade Cruickshank.  Hours of prep work go into the show and presentation.  If you haven’t registered for the show please go here:

Show Info and Registration

Here is a sneak peek into tomorrow nights show Schedule:

Show: Single Plane Deal Breakers

Section 1 – The Address is a sum of Parts

6:00 pm showtime start / Intro – The Deal Breakers

Begin –  (Sum of its parts)

6:10  –  (Video 1) Show first 10 minute video clip (Sum of its parts) –  the address is a sum of its parts)

6:20 – Teach the detail of the hand position (Grip) / Teach about Bend and how it works

6:30 – Subjects:  The Bend of the Golf swing Video / Teach the detail about the Arm position / Teach Foot Position / Leg Position / Put it all together –

6:40 – ( Video 2) Show Video 2 – Study your Two Lines)

6:50  – Review the Two Lines / Review Address: Show – How to Check your address Position

7:00  Question and Answer



Section 2 – The often overlooked Factor of Ball Position

7:20 – Radius of Ball position Introduction

7:25 – (Video 3) Show Video of Radius of ball position

7:30 =  Discussion Bend affects ball position

740 – (Video 4) Show Bend and Ball Position

7:50  – Overhead Video of Ball Position

8:00  – Checking your Ball position and Alignment

  • Go Through each club
  • Discuss the Driver and 3 wood

8: 10 – Question and Answer

8:20 Break


Section 3 – The Lower Body Movement

8:15 – (Video 5) Video of Lower Body – Step without a Step

8:25 – Discussion about backswing – why its important

8:35 – Understanding Transition

8:45 – Checking Transition on Video

8:55 – (Video 6)  – How to Video Check your Lower Body Movement

Section 4 –  Summary and Review

Final Break


Section 4 – Building your swing with the Deal Breakers

9: 00 –  (Video 7) Build Your Swing  (Video) –

Subject: Mechanics Matter

Looking at numbers – Biomechanics Data

Rehearsal – and how  to improve your lower body’s movement?  Exercises and How I practice.


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