Trail Leg Brace

“Stabilize, Energize, Contain and Release” – Moe Norman


Here are some interesting pictures of Moe.  The noticeable stability in his right leg shows the brace that allows his pelvis and torso to rotate.

Moe used the terms Stabilize, Energize, Contain and Release to describe the feelings and development of power in the golf swing.

Mid Backswing – Stabilize / Energize.

Moe Pic 3 FO.jpgMoe Pic 6 FO.jpg

Then the bracing of the lead knee in the mid downswing – Contain.  

Moe Pic 9 FO.jpg

Look at how the body is straight and the amount of torso rotation into the finish – Release.

Moe pic 13.jpg

Here is the total sequence from DTL.


Here is the sequence Face – on.




One comment on “Trail Leg Brace”
  1. Bruce Kelso says:

    Look at Moe’s head in relation to the house behind him. It doesn’t move. I mean AT ALL, clear through impact. And no lateral movement except with the hips going forward. Since I’ve been working on the stable rear leg, I’ve noticed that it seems to be easier to keep my head stationary and have also noticed that if I do sway in the backswing, I lose about 5 mph in clubhead speed from being out of position. It also appears that his lower left leg is vertical at impact so that any movement laterally in the hips is pretty subtle and minimal. This is a real sweet photo sequence set. Thank you Todd.

    Bruce Kelso


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