Moe Norman’s Grip and Grip Size

On the much debated subject of grip and grip size, I decided to put this one to rest with a simple picture of three grips.  The Natural Golf  non-tapered grip and Moe Norman’s grip and a Standard golf grip.

You can easily see that Moe’s grip was larger than a normal grip.  You can also see that Moe’s grip is smaller than the Natural Golf Grip and that his grip is actually tapered.


We recommend a custom sizing of your grip to fit your hands and we also recommend a taper to your grip.


Let me take this grip discussion a bit further and talk about Moe’s Grip, his hand action and the effects of a grip size.

Moe won every tournament he ever played with an Overlapping Hand Position as you see pictured. Here you see a picture from 1955 where Moe is overlapping.  Below you see a picture from various years including 1984, 1971 and from 2000.  You can see in the picture from 2000 that he has a 10 finger position.

Check out the last picture “demonstration 2002” and the picture of Moe showing his hands on the club. When you would ask Moe to show you his hand position he would tell you that he held it in the palms as you see in this picture.  This was only for explanation. He did not actually swing this way.  What Moe explained and what he actually did were very different.

My suggestion is that you pay attention to the 1971 and 1984 Version of Moe’s hand position.  This is what we teach at the Graves Golf Academy.

Moe’s overlapping Position 1944 – 1994 (approx)
Grip Comparisons - Moe.jpg
Moe’s Grip Comparison various years
Moe Showing Grip001.jpg
Moe explaining his grip but not actually swinging


Here is Moe’s actual Hand position. Notice the tucked thumb into the trail hand.  There is not way to hold the club into the “palm” of the trail hand if you have your thumb tucked.

Logos and Pics 10.jpg
Moe’s actual hand position 2000 (Ten Finger)

Here’s my conclusion on Moe’s Grip.  It comes down to two main things:  1) The hands must work together (not against each other) and 2) You must have the proper rotation of the hands.

The Hands must work together.  This actually means that the wrists must work in unison and the best way to do this is to pull the hands as close together as possible.  That is why I prefer an overlapping trail pinky position.   This pulls wrist joints closer together.   

Secondly, notice how both of Moe’s hands are “flat” at the back of the wrists.  There are straight lines where the wrists line up with the forearms.

So what’s important?  When the hands are properly placed, the wrists are close together and the hand action (hinging of the hands) produces ideal clubface movement.  This is why I always teach an overlapping grip.

Those who have trouble overlapping and say that it causes pain in their pinky, usually have improper rotations of one of the hands.  there should be very little pressure in the “middle of the hands”.  The pressure points are indicated here:

Hand-Pressure-points-for-web.gifNotice how the thumb is tucked into the trail hand.


And one final fun picture.  This picture I took by crawling on the ground between Moe’s legs so I could see the “trigger” of Moe’s trail hand.  The man in the picture is my good friend Larry Olson.

Pictures of Orlando Trip 034.jpg


13 comments on “Moe Norman’s Grip and Grip Size”
  1. Justin Campbell says:

    Hi, I have been using the 10 finger grip now for
    the last 16 years( self taught) I use interlocking
    for my short game as I have better feel.
    Should I use interlocking for my full swing?
    Confused kiwi (New Zealand)


    1. Todd Graves says:

      I suggest overlapping grip on ALL shots.



  2. MOTO X KX500AF says:

    Great article! This advice helped my swing tremendously! Thank you!!! Jim


  3. Malcolm says:

    Of course there is a difference between the interlocking grip and the overlapping grip (Vardon grip) which is not clearly explained here . In one of Moe`s videos he says these two grips allow too much rotation of the hands meaning you open or shut the face at impact ,which is why he went to a 10 finger grip . Personally I cannot use this as it makes me feel the trail hand is in charge .


    1. Todd Graves says:

      As the article states it’s about the hand placement (rotation) and not whether you overlap or 10 finger. Overlapping a pinky doesn’t create rotation of the hand. When you interlock it does rotate the trail hand on top. Very different than overlap.


      1. Malcolm says:

        Well Todd ,I am still not clear on what is a ten finger grip if it is not overlapping or interlocking . Looking at Moe`s grip in the photo it looks to be a very strong grip with both hands very much to the right of the club i.e. the trail hand underneath and the lead hand on top . This does not match your illustration below the photo . I have small hands which makes this difficult. What about the baseball grip ,that is ten finger ?


  4. allan says:

    very good picture of hands on club never seen it so graphic thanks Allan


  5. Todd Barrow says:

    Todd, What do you think about the new “tour taper” style grips by Golf Pride and Lamkin? is build up necessary?


    1. Todd Graves says:

      HI Todd, Yes, I think buildup is necessary especially with larger hands. My hands are small (medium cadet) and I still use +4 in right hand. I am not familiar with Lamkin “tour Taper” but I just looked them up. They look good.


  6. Todd Barrow says:

    Todd, I always see Moe in videos talk about how he never has an injury all while he is hitting 1000’s of balls. Do not know if you have correlated the two but while watching my brothers daughter play in an all day softball tournament. I commented to him during one of the games that the same girl was pitching again (same day, different game). I asked if they had a rule that limits innings pitched. His answer made a light bulb go off. He said, “why, its the most natural motion an arm can make (underhand)”. I thought single plane is the most…NATURAL…way to hit a golf ball. Hmmmmmm, something to that whole bio-mechanics thing.

    You use my observation. lol



  7. Todd Barrow says:

    May use


  8. What can I do to get requirements to have my sizes sent out for my clubs?


  9. Stephen Mills says:

    Hi ,When you overlap the grip.The feeling is the club doesn’t sit in the right palm as well as with the Ten finger grip.Where should the club sit in the right hand ?
    Kind regards


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