Pickings Slim in the Millar but Norman still Top Earner 1972

1972 Moe Norman Picking-slim-in-MIllar-Moe-Top-Earner-1972.gif

Moe Norman earned only $150 during the Millar golf championship last week, leads all Canadian Professionals this year in money won on the Canadian tour.

Norman has won $3,150 during the first three tournaments and leads Canadian professionals seeking a berth in the$15,000 Canadian tour championship at Woodbridge in September.

The 12 leading Canadian professionals, including winners of the first nine tournaments, will qualify for the championship at Woodbridge.

Alive Thompson of Toronto is second in money winnings with $2,945, while Jerry Magee of Toronto is third with $2,016.

Wilf Homenuik of Winnipeg, who became the first Canadian professional to win a tour championship this season when he won the Millar Tournament last week, moved from 18th to fourth place with $1,430 earned.

Other top money winners are:

Dave Clayton, Toronto, $1,255; Gary Bowerman, Toronto $1,180; Vaughan Trapp, Victoria, $1,051; Jhon Henrick, Montreal $935; Garry Slatter, Toronto $895; Frank Whibley, Toronto $786 and Ken Duggan, Toronto, $$625.


2 comments on “Pickings Slim in the Millar but Norman still Top Earner 1972”
  1. Doyle Burke says:

    Why no answer about the movie that was planed on being made.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Doyle, Nothing official on the movie. There are two companies still trying to get funding. We hope it gets made – fingers crossed.


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