Moe Norman Top of Backswing

“I hit it with my Right Shoulder” – Moe Norman

Be careful when you listen to Moe talk about his swing.

Not because he was lying. Nor was he trying to deceive anyone. Mostly because he was discussing feelings, and feelings in the golf swing are elusive. They change based on where you focus.

In a recent video from 1998, sent to me from a fellow professional Steve Johnson, Moe said: “I hit it with my right shoulder.“ I immediately understood what he meant. Mostly because this is exactly what I feel in the golf swing. I have a drill that I call “Replace the Shoulders” where from the top of the backswing I feel that my right shoulder replaces the left shoulder.

Moe said, “I move my right shoulder under my chin”. This is what my Replace the shoulders drill does. Here is how my training works.

From the top of the backswing, you move into your first knee and FEEL …….

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 2.26.51 PM.png

As though, your trail shoulder (my right shoulder) replaces my left shoulder.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 2.27.10 PM.pngThis feeling of replacing the shoulders produces shoulder rotation.

When Moe said he felt that he hit it with his right shoulder, this is what he meant and where it happened during the swing.

Keep in mind however that Moe also said: “Pull with your left arm as hard as you can.”

This seems contradictory; however, you can pull with your left arm and still hit the ball with your right shoulder – depending on where you focus. The key here is that the left arm leads and the shoulders rotate through. That was what Moe was explaining.

As always, when I work on feelings in my swing, I use video to ensure that I am moving correctly. Senses help. Understanding Moe’s feelings help as well – just make sure YOUR feelings match the model.



One comment on ““I hit it with my Right Shoulder” – Moe Norman”
  1. Dave Kempema says:

    I believe I read once that Moe actually wore a hole in the hole the fabric of his shirt on top of his shoulder with his chin. If this is true was it his right or left? I don’t plan on trying to do that.


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