Reed Howard “In and Up” (Backswing)

In a recent session with Reed, we visited Top Golf in Orc. I had a great time. What a great place. I think it is excellent for golf. We even saw a local golfer bring his dog to keep him company as he practiced.

I made a few adjustments to Reeds grip and address. He was tending to get his lead hand to week leaving the face slightly open. I also removed some tilt in his speech to give him a bit more lift in his backswing.


There is a lifting motion in the middle of the backswing.

Moe considered the movement “In and then Up. Here is Reed in the inward movement of the backswing.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.49.08 PM.png

Here is the upward movement.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.47.35 PM.pngNotice the excellent positioning of the Lead arm across the shoulder line and the trailing arm in a “supportive” position placing the club directly on the plane. Also, notice the club face in an ideal location.

(Review of Downswing in next post.)


5 comments on “Reed Howard “In and Up” (Backswing)”
  1. jetsfan23 says:

    Hey Todd and Reed,

    Where does Reed play. Would love to see his game develop, but havent figured out what events he plays. Best of luck Reed!


  2. Bruce Kelso says:

    I appreciate the minute changes with respect to refining the grip and adjusting the spine tilt. I just finished going over the discussion with you and Jim Suttie about Moe’s swing; specifically about “soft hands” and how that is sort of a lost concept. I know that when my grip, spine tilt and plane are all in sync, I don’t try to release the club with my hands, but rather let my body rotation do it; letting the ball get in the way of the swing. I would certainly appreciate your input in this area as it relates to the downswing.


  3. Todd Graves says:

    Bruce, I have difficulty with concepts such as “soft hands”. Mostly because I don’t know that it means. Does it mean light pressure? The way I see it is that the hands hold the club. The wrists move. The arms move. The shoulders move etc. I think when you refer to soft hands your are referring to “passive” hands as opposed to “active” hands. Then again, the hands can not be active – only the wrists can. So having said all of this, the concepts I do like are things like “skipping rocks” …. because I can relate this to the entire motion of the arms, wrists and body working together.


  4. Bruce Kelso says:

    I think the “skipping rocks” analogy makes the most sense to me. I can relate to that feeling and motion.



  5. Mark Anthony says:

    Hi todd.

    What’s the best aids, DVD etc to buy to learn this my self. been playing for a while now, and i’m always trying this and that, that works, then don’t work lol. i seem to forget the feeling of what i did. so close to giving up. thanks todd.

    I’m living in the UK.


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