Composite Single Plane

Single Plane Swing

Every time I hit balls I do a quick check of my positions. Here is a slow-motion video of a few swings hitting a hybrid. The ball is traveling about 200 yards.

You can see in the video how I practice. I always use an alignment trainer for my ball position and stance width.

I also rehearse the movement I am trying to feel. You can see my rehearsal swing change before I hit. Once I swing, I then review the video and check my poisons. Here are a few tests I made in this video.

Single Plane Alignment at address

Single Plane Golf Swing
Single Plane Address

These are always my first checkpoint making sure the club aligns with my trial arm, my lead arm is visible, and the legs are straight but not locked. This address is a function of my grip where my lead hand is neutral, and trail hand is rotated as though I would “skip a rock.”

The best way to work on grip and address is by reviewing the Single Plane Solution- GGA Single Plane Solution and using the Feeling of Greatness Training Club – GGA Training Club.

y back

Single Plane Backswing Plane
Single Plane Backswing Plane

This is where I check my backswing plane. It must match my address plane seen here in this composite picture.

Composite Single Plane
Composite Single Plane

You can see that the plane of rite backswing matches the plane of the address. By Matching the plane at this poison, it ensures that my spine tilt, hand, and arm action is correct.

The GGA way to work on the backswing plane is with the Single Plane Trainer – GGA Single Plane Trainer.

The Single Plane Trainer is designed to help you’re with your grip, hand movement and plane position at the top of the backswing,

The next checkpoint in my swing is my transition into my lead knee which takes a different camera angle.

Transition in Backwing
Transition in Backswing

Le lead knee moving toward the toe is important as it stabilizes the lead hip but this can only occur if the lead foot is rotated outward. Another important check at this point in my backswing is that my lead hand/hinge is aligned with my lead arm.

Swing Leverage at top of swing
Todd Graves Swing Leverage

This hand hinge position allows for a perfect leverage angle at the top of the backswing.

This leverage angle allows for the perfect clubface position at the top of the backswing as well.

Hitting Position and Down the Line

Todd Graves Hitting Position
Todd Graves Hitting Position

This is where I check the face plane of the club to make sure it is what we call “Toe up” ensuring that the lead hand grip aligns with the clubface properly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 6.23.48 PM.png

From this position where the trail arm is bent, you can see the shaft is aligned with the trail forearm. This shows how the trail hand is hinged and trail arm is bent. This is a very powerful position.

Moe called this the master position where the club moves into this hitting position it goes to the next position where the club is parallel to the ground and down the line.

This is the next place I look for the proper mechanics of the golf swing.

Todd Graves Single Plane Down the Line

Todd Graves Down the Line


Todd Graves Single Plane Down the Line
Todd Graves Down the Line

You can see that the pelvis is slightly open, the lead arm is straight and the club is directly parallel to the target line.

Once again the best GGA way to train this is with the Single Plane Trainer.

The next place I check is Impact

Todd Graves Single Plane
Todd Graves Single Plane

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 6.30.32 PM.png

At impact, I look for proper hip and torso rotation, feet on the ground, trail arm bent and the lead arm aligned with the club (face on view). The club also points above the lead hip (face on view).

The best way to learn this feeling is with the GGA Leverage Bag because the Leverage bag helps you feel this position – GGA Leverage Bag.

Next, I use Video to see Release and Release Plane

The Release shows that the club becomes an extension of the trailing arm. This extension rotates the club face to back to the plane. It shows that the torso has rotated correctly and the arms can extend toward the target. I also check that the trail foot is on the ground at this point.

Todd Graves Release
Single Plane Release

Next, I check the plane on the follow-through side of the swing.

Single Plane Through Plane
Single Plane Through Plane

You can see that this plane matches the address plane again.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 8.43.13 PM.png

You can see how the plane matches on both sides where the club is on the exact same plane angle. At this point, the trail foot is still on the ground and the lead knee is still flexed and solid

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 8.45.56 PM.png






2 comments on “Single Plane Swing”
  1. Ken Knutson says:

    thanks again for the much needed pointers, excellent video


  2. James Starkey says:

    Great article, I do believe I’ve found the trail master position pivot point. Rightelbow is touching trail master position pivot point. I do five positions without a club very simple yoga like. Moeyoga


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