Single Plane Address

Basic Single Plane Swing Address Drill

“If you haven’t got a good address position, you haven’t got anything.”

– Moe Norman

What are some basic Single Plane Drills that can have the most profound effect to simplify your golf swing? Let’s look at some basic Single Plane Swing training that you can do at home or take to the range.

(By the way – these drills can be found in the bestselling GGA Single Plane Swing Drills DVD.)


GGA Drills DVD Link

The Address Position Drill

TILT DRILL (From Down the Line)

This training helps you practice and feel the ideal shoulder angle:

Take your stance with lead hand in grip position on driver

Place driver head a foot behind the ball

Extend your trail hand to trail knee*

Grip the handle with trail hand

* Feel how the lead shoulder goes up and trail shoulder moves down as you execute #3


  • From the waist, tilt toward the ball
  • Feel your butt go back
  • Consider weight move toward the balls of your feet
  • Your legs should feel relaxed

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.50.09 AM.png


  • The lead shoulder goes up
  • The trail hand should be closer to the ground, which makes you feel tilted away from the target
  • The right arm should be relaxed as it seems when skipping a rock
  • Your eyes should be looking at the shaft from an angle slightly to the right of the shaft

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.32.07 AM

The Total Address Position

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.27.59 AM.png

You can also find pictorial instruction in my book – “The Single Plane Golf Swing, Play Better Golf the Moe Norman Way.”

Todd Graves Single Plane Swing Book Link

I believe because it is so different, the spine tilt is the most difficult position for students to learn with the Single Plane Swing. The Single Plane Address requires you to tilt into a position similar to impact – moving the swing easier. The tilt is also easier on the back because it requires less rotation during the swing.

Here are some of the reasons the Single Plane Address simplifies the golf swing.

  1. The spine is tilted – similar to impact
  2. The first arm was aligned with the club – same as an impact.
  3. The trailing arm aligns with the organization – same as an impact.
  4. The shoulders will rotate less – making the swing easier on the body and back.
  5. The Leadfoot is turned making it simpler to move your legs into impact.

The Single Plane Address creates the foundation for the swing making the entire motion easier. Without it, you simply can’t simplify your swing. Mastering your address is the first step in Keeping It Simple.





2 comments on “Basic Single Plane Swing Address Drill”
  1. jetsfan23 says:

    Good drill. Thanks as im never sure im addressing properly.


  2. Ira Shoff says:

    Thanks, I have ordered the book, Single Plane Swing. Ira Shoff.


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