Inside SPS Wins

Here is a recent testimonial from student Mike Venable.


Just won my flight shooting an 81 at Bryan Park Players Course in NC. I attribute my play to watching the Inside Single-Plane Swing Video & studying the pocket version.


Thank you very much!



Great playing. The Inside the SPS video, if applied to your practice and play can dramatically change your perceptions of the golf swing. It looks like you were able to take it to the course quickly.


For more information about the inside the SPS Video and pocket guide go here:

Inside the Single Plane Swing on Sale



One comment on “Inside SPS Wins”
  1. lapd10726 says:

    I echo Mike’s appreciation for Todd’s newest video, particularly the bonus disc. This disc really describes the “feelings” you should have during each part of the swing sequences. I’ve been a follower of Moe Norman since the beginning (Chicago)..I’ll turn 80 this year.. and I’m finally, finally, understanding Moe Norman’s single plane technique. Whew!


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