Moe’s Deal Breakers Workshop

Hello Members,
We’re holding an exclusive half day (4 hour) online workshop.
In it, you’ll learn to master what we consider the two most important things in the Single Plane Swing -– the address position and the movement of the lower body – transition.
The exact things we see the most problems with in the hundreds of students I see in golf schools every year.
In this class, we are going to deep-dive into these two aspects of golf swing – what we call the “deal-breakers. “ These are the ones that help your swing and produce maximum amounts of speed.
We will show you drills you can do outdoors AND indoors that will have you improving your golf swing anytime and anywhere.
If you feel stuck and are tired of not knowing how to practice, this class is for you!
This is how it works:
Step #1 – Pay $1 right now to reserve your spot.
Step #2 – You attend the LIVE online training on November 8th. (There will also be a recording if you can’t make that date and can see at your own pace).
Step #3 – At the end of the training, if you feel you didn’t get enough value to make significant improvements in your game, then just email us (at our private email address that we’ll reveal on the webinar) and you won’t have to pay a dime. (We’ll even give you back your dollar).
* If you can’t watch on Wednesday night, the replay will be available on Friday – watch at your leisure, on your time, etc.. But you will need to sign up now for the offer. If you watch within a month and don’t think it helped, we will refund ALL your $. You can PERSONALLY email me and I will take care of it myself.
If you enjoyed the event, and you’re confident this will help your game tremendously, then just do nothing, and after the workshop we’ll bill you the remaining payment of just $96.

The Workshop Starts On

November 8, 2017 at 6PM (Central)

Special “Try Before You Buy” Deal!

Reserve your seat today for just $1

Replay at your leisure.)
Attend / View the Workshop and, ONLY if you decide the training helped your golf swing, then
pay the remaining $96


One comment on “Moe’s Deal Breakers Workshop”
  1. Terry Gordon says:

    no Private e-mail address was mentioned; for the refund’ at the end of the “deal breaker video. ;This “Webinar ” was useful to some new to the method; Nothing new to me thoughl Please refund or do not charger my card!. Thank you.


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