Moe’s Shoes

Maybe it was his blue-collar upbringing, but Moe always paid attention to how he dressed. It’s’ also part of a golfer’s individuality. He enjoyed fancy sweaters, nice pants, and stylish shoes. His trunk was full of classic Footboy golf shoes.

Moe also liked the attention he received from how he looked. On one occasion, during a dinner party, Moe was proudly wearing a multicolored sweater. One of the ladies at the reception mentioned to Moe how much she liked it. Moe disappeared for ten minutes and came back to the party with another wildly colored sweater.

When Moe would go to dinner on a dressy occasion, he would wear his most great Foot joy’s with the spikes removed. He would often proudly show me the alligator-skinned ones that lined the back of his trunk.

In 2007 I held a Memorial Tournament for him in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. We had about one hundred Moe Norman fans show up for the event. One of them was Barry Morrow – Academy Award winner for Rainman. Barry has written the screenplay for Moe Norman’s movie “Dance the Green.”

When Barry arrived at the tournament, the airline had lost his luggage including his golf clubs and shoes.

To play the tournament, Gus Maue gave Barry a pair of Moe’s shoes and the last set of clubs Moe was using before he died. Barry recently donated the shoes to the Graves Golf Academy.

Here are pictures of the shoes. Footboy ‘s of course.





2 comments on “Moe’s Shoes”
  1. Chris A says:

    Every photo or video I’ve ever seen of Moe, he had on the best looking golf shoes money could buy! Moe always looked sharp. Now granted his clothes may not have always matched but nonetheless he always looked sharp. Its one of the things I really admire about the guy and something I’ve incorporated into my everyday life. If you look good, and feel good, you’ll play good. Its as simple as that.


  2. Shannon says:

    I remember watching Moe select his clothes out of thetrunk of his car as well. Whichever shirt and pants he touched first he took. Always colourful, always dapper.


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