7 comments on “Single Plane 3 Wood Swing Sequence”
  1. Dave Kempema says:

    Is the brace your wearing a training aid?


  2. Todd Graves says:


    The device I am wearing is the K-VEST System that measures the 3D motion. There are Four sensors, one on the arm, shoulders, pelvis and hand. IT measures 3D Motion. I use it to measure the rotations and sequencing of my body. I have a 3D model in the system (based on Moe’s measurements). The system gives me feedback on whether I am matching his measurements. I use it for training purposes.


  3. Dave Bisaillon says:

    I noticed that on you finish with your lead ( left ) knee pointed at the target line and you use a wrap around finish instead of the straight up Moe used. The wrap around finish seems more comfortable to me. Is that OK as long as your body position at impact is correct?


    1. Todd Graves says:

      HI Dave,

      IF you look that the second to Last picture you can see that the club is “planed” through the shoulders after release. This is my checkpoint after impact for swing plane. If I hit this position with my trail foot down and lead knee flexed, I consider this good techinque. What happens after this position is personal comfort. Thanks. Todd


  4. Peter Bloxham says:

    Hi Todd,

    Is the K VESt system feasible for personal use and if so is feedback vie the coaching program possible.


  5. Todd Graves says:

    Peter. K-Vest has two systems – a measuring system (K Vest) and a training system (K Player). The K-Player system is a two sensor system used for training purposes. I am working with K-Vest to develop a Moe Norman software that allows you to use the K-Player to train Moe’s swing. The K-Player personal system is about $2,000 and you will need a surface pro / or similar tablet to run the software. I hope to have the system fully functional by beginning of year.


  6. Mike Rushant says:

    Do you have a front on of that sequence as well?


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