Dance With the Girl You Came With

I recently received this email from a teacher named Mike Blum. According to his profile, he is a former Retired PGA golf professional/ PGA teaching professional… At Wilcox Oaks Golf Club

There is the PGA mentality you deal with every day. I have highlighted my responses in bold and italic as a point of discussion.

Mike: No one is ever going to be like Mo Norman. How to swing like Moe, you would have to strip down everything you’ve ever learned or tried to hit a golf ball would take you forever to get it dialed in.

Todd: I disagree. Unless you have taught Moe’s Simple Single Plane Swing, you could never make this assumption. At one short point in my teaching career, I taught both the conventional swing and the Single Plane Swing. I got to the point where it becomes so difficult to explain the traditional approach. I realized I couldn’t help them. It felt dishonest to teach something I knew was inferior. I abandoned teaching the conventional swing for the Single Plane swing – which is why I started my company.

Mike: We can’t make anybody be a Moe Norman a Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson. With his feet flying all over the place, or a Dustin Johnson with his club closed at the top. We cannot emulate those swings all those people are from the lucky sperm Club you are gifted beyond belief.

Todd: I am not trying to make anyone be like anyone. I surely don’t think people will practice like the players you mentioned. I am not even trying to make people like Moe Norman. I am only showing that Moe’s mechanics are easier to repeat. I want to simplify everyone’s swing to make the game easier, so they don’t have to try as hard to be good. Everyone will take those simple Single Plane mechanics and be unique. I swing like Moe, but I am not Moe Norman.

Mike: You can’t change the makeup of the person leg length body length back length It can’t be changed especially after the age of 50 as this gentleman implies.

Todd: I don’t suggest changing people’s bodies, but I have science that shows that Moe’s golf swing is more efficient, easier to learn and easier on the body.

Mike: My motto in teaching is you have to dance with the girl you came with they’re all different we can make them a little better but we are what we are this method trying to hit like MO would cripple the average Players golf game.

Todd: I would never hire you if you said “I can make you a little better”. My students want transformation. Something that produces major results. My results show notable changes. The students who commit to learning Moe’s swing find the game easier and have less stress on their bodies. I would have to say that conventional thinking of “dance with the girl you came with” sounds hopeless. I would say “Build an easier swing through better and simpler mechanics.” In other words, “let’s learn a better way to dance.”

Mike: Mo was a recluse that could have done well on the PGA tour it wasn’t his style. In the early days to see Mo hit balls, you had to sneak around peek through trees and bushes. Only later in his life did he accept money from Titleist as he was at one point living out of his car.

Todd: What does being a recluse has to do with anything. I didn’t have to peek through trees. I walked right up to him and said: “You’re the best I have ever seen; how did you learn to do that?” My friendship started there and lasted until he died 10 years later.

Mike: Mo was a great ball Striker, but we can’t strip ourselves down to do that. Teachers like this are grasping at straws and confusing many people who are enjoying the game as they play now.

Todd: What? Grasping at straws? Nope. It was just stating facts and research. Mike, I don’t see your research. Confusing people? Have you read Golf Digest lately or watched the Golf Channel? Have there ever been two magazines that haven’t contradicted each other? Have current teachers ever NOT contradicted themselves? Here is a comment from a recent convert (actually three converts) to the Single Plane swing:

“My brother took his son to two different PGA pro’s over a period of 3 years. They contradicted each other’s instructions. After the time they even denied their instructions. My brother and his son both started the Graves program and now play fantastic golf. I have begun the Graves program, and have seen significant improvements in my game.”

– Andy Harmon

Mike: Those hands are way too low the angles would be much better if hands are lifted, the player would stand taller creating a taller swing and would be more on the plane. NO ONE WILL EVER BE MOE!!! in my 25 plus years of teaching I have never tried to make a player strip all of his ability to hit the ball with my 1000 frame per second camera and 5 shots per second on still can we work with what the student brings to the table and tweak it a bit. Not change it all. Michael Blum retired PGA golf professional. Coach high school golf fused at 6 levels in back and neck. Not much golf left but lots of teaching still in me.

Todd: Tweak? Crap. I don’t tweak. I rebuild. Students who come to my instruction are not looking for a tweak. They are looking for something that works. They are looking for results and transformation. Most golfers are frustrated because what you teach is dogma that has no basis in science. None. Nobody has ever proven that the conventional swing is the best way YET the entire PGA stands by it. Why hasn’t anyone taught outside the box and asked: “Could there be an easier way”? Instead of tweaking something that is inherently flawed.

If you want to get a tweak, you can contact Mike.

If you want the game to be easier, and transform, you know where to find me.


18 comments on “Dance With the Girl You Came With”
  1. Peter Bloxham says:

    What A Wally he is! Sorry that’s a UK expression if you haven’t heard. I just thought it was more refined than dickhead but same meaning.

    Well said Todd.


  2. Christopher P Johnson says:

    Very interesting and seemingly typical response from a man who admits to being “fused 6 levels in neck and back.” It makes one wonder how much of that may be connected to the conventional golf swing. And did Moe himself not say that he had NEVER had a golf injury in his entire life? I’m 64, and two years into your single plane methodology. I can attest to not only practicing for hours and playing rounds pain free in my back currently, in spite of having broken my back in three places in 2008 (and not playing for 7 years), but also attest to hitting the ball straighter and more consistently than ever, and now playing very close again to the best golf of my life (+3-+5), when I was much younger.


  3. Steve clay says:

    What an idiot I’m 57 and can tell you he (mike) has given up on proving people and could care less that his thinking is killing golf instruction , my friends make fun of how I look but never the results , I’m 8 hdcp and the straightest hitting one to boot, I can say that proudly. Mike , you teach kids that have pretzel flexibility now how are you with those like yourself old and damaged ? How do you teach those people who don’t want to quit like you and still want to play ? I’ll tell you they find a better and easier way that is scientifically proven and as Todd said , what is your proof, Your 25 years of teaching other has taught you nothing about teaching, Arrg, Good luck and have fun sitting in your chair while myself and others who Swing like Moe enjoy this great game


  4. Jack Welch says:

    Thanks for sharing Todd. I’ve rebuilt my swing over the last 14 months using the single plane and never struck the ball better ( been playing for 65 years at a single digit handicap all that time).As an added bonus my back, 4 crushed vertebrae, improved to the point I can play lot’s more golf.

    Don’t intend to be critical of Mike but maybe he should just stick with teaching his method and leave it to you to teach yours. I’ll take you anytime!!!



  5. Bruce Kelso says:

    I find it interesting that there are teaching pros that do not hesitate to disparage the single plane and / or its mechanics. And usually with the same remarks that end up with Moe was unique and you can’t swing like him. Yet if you get very far in any golf instructions they have you watch a video, and you obviously watch someone. I don’t care who it is; you are going to emulate a particular model of the swing. If someone is taking a lesson on the range, I’ll guarantee that at some point the teacher is going to say something like don’t do it like that, do it like this; and then demonstrate what they mean. So using his logic, people should only be taught the swing by people with the identical body characteristics. That’ll sort of cut down the number of client golfers.

    I have a deep appreciation for your “high road” approach in response to these comments from the conventional swing critics of Single Plane. And it’s because you have the confidence that what you’re doing WORKS! The fundamentals are completely applicable to anyone whereas conventional swing fundamentals are not, at least for me. Works for me!

    Bruce Kelso


  6. Dave says:

    Last year at our local golf show, Michael Breed from the Golf Channel was the guest clinic speaker. I had an opportunity to talk with him alone afterwards and asked him if the SPS would ever be demonstrated or taught on the GC. His reply is that they stay away from “specialty swings” such as the SPS and stack and tilt because they don’t resemble the models of Jason Day or other tour players.I did not reply back. However I do know that after 40 years of trying to learn the conventional swing, I have made far more progress with the SPS in the last 2 years . And I haven’t even attended a GGA school yet!

    I love your responses Todd. I think anybody that begins to using words like !!!*?* is begining to feel threatened of loosing an argument.


  7. George Schuyler says:

    I have good news.  I just finished our club championship tied for 2nd.  I am 93 this month.  We had 49 seniors and play a par 3 course in Billings just short of 3000 yds,  I won last year for the 15th time in some 20 yrs.  But I changed to single plane and did a 3 day in Phoenix this spring.  Since I have experienced some problems with my transition, I really did not want to compete until that was solved.  But, I entered and the first day shot terrible, a 68. But today I kept getting up and down [ thanks to Tim] and closed with a 59.  Wow!  I am a committed student and most grateful for all your help.  With the coming winter I will continue to work on every aspect.  I have mirrors, impact bag, swing stick, etc. and the desire to get much better.  Thanks again for your webinars!  George Schuyler  Check out my website

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  8. Len Martin former Natural Golf Instructor says:

    Keep doing what you do.
    I still have students that wouldn’t change from the single plane if you paid them.
    Many of them are friends who come to Florida and see me when I go to New England.
    You and Todd are doing a service.


  9. Jim Markle says:

    I agree with Mike.

    Todd Graves really hasn’t shown that he can play under pressure using this single plane swing. He is no Moe Norman! Let’s be clear. He hasn’t practiced the amount that Moe did and he started much too late trying Moe’s swing. Moe always said his swing is better suited for a young person. A youngster has a better chance of developing his muscles needed for the single plane swing than a person in their 50’s or an older person. Moe said this in more than one clinic I attended.

    I have studied Todd Graves playing record especially when he converted to the single plane swing. I watched him while he played the Canadian tour in 1995 while using Moe’s way of swinging. He didn’t make any cuts. So therefore, I would like to hear how Todd feels he knows Moe’s swing when he didn’t have any success while playing under pressure as a professional? Anyone can stand on the range and hit balls claiming to have knowledge of the swing. But, the ultimate test is HOW YOU PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE in a tournament. That is the measuring stick of a true golfer not someone who produces videos claiming to have knowledge when their business is a “for profit” business.

    Mr. Graves 10 years of speaking to Moe is not a lifetime. Take it from me and others who have been around a long time and watched Moe develop as a youngster and throughout time for 50 years. Until the day comes that you train, produce wins in 4 day professional tournaments with repeated winning results, you cannot truly claim you know Moe’s swing!


    1. Todd Graves says:


      Thanks for the controversial post – let me be candid.

      You can research all that I have accomplished regarding my tournaments, research, instructional productions and my company and you if chose to focus on 10 tournaments on the Canadian Tour in 1995 that is your choice. No argument there, that stretch of tournaments was tough and it wasn’t much fun either but I learned a lot!

      If it takes winning PGA tournaments to be an adequate teacher then that would eliminate 99.9 percent of all golf teachers in the world. So your argument is that Todd can’t play so he can’t teach doesn’t really hold up.

      But Here is the most important point of all.

      I produce results with my students and that is all that really Matters – and every student that hits it better, plays better and has more fun will agree and they don’t give a rats ass if I won’t a PGA sanctioned tournament or not. I care about the people I teach. I care that they get better. Every student who hits it better and has more fun is like winning a U.S. Open to me. That is how I feel about my students.

      My record of golf speaks for itself. It has had ups and downs. But my passion for Moe and his swing is unparalleled. I will continue to learn More, teach more and become a better teacher than I am today – all so I can help my students improve and have more fun.

      As you stated – you watched Moe develop for 50 years. Thats great. But watching something and actually doing something about it is very different. Until you actually put your actions where your words are, and teach somebody, I can’t take you seriously.


      P.S. Since you mentioned it (the commercial side), here is my guarantee. If you get instruction from me and do what I ask, and do not improve, I will give you every $ of your money back and I will pay your expenses to see me. That is my commitment to you and that is how confident I am in teaching you Moe’s swing. (who’s in?)


  10. Jim Markle says:

    Thanks for your comments Todd.

    I have taught others thank you. The biggest difference is I do it for the love of the game and for my appreciation for having known Moe not for money..

    Moe always said that he didn’t teach others. There was a reason for this because if they were not a teenager they couldn’t develop the swing in the right way as he seen it. So how is it possible for seniors to develop their muscles needed if the flexibility is not there compared to a youngster? You have said the average age of students at your schools is over 50.

    Moe’s words are backed up on the video Pipeline Moe. I believe he was right because there is nobody on the planet who is producing repeated winning results at this point swinging like Moe.

    There is nothing wrong teaching someone. But claiming to be a world leader in teaching Moe’s swing just doesn’t seem right. Its like a job interview with a resume. The more experience and success the more people tend to listen and if its not there people shy away.


    1. Todd Graves says:


      Somehow you can teach for free but I have to win a PGA tournament to teach? Doesn’t quite make sense. Teaching for free actually infers that you have no accountability to your success.

      Make no mistake, I teach for the love of the game and Moe as well. I can’t imagine dedicating my entire focus of my life to teaching If I didn’t love it. I love it so much I built a company to do it on a larger scale.

      Furthermore, my success as a teacher has conseauences. To be successful, I must be the best – otherwise I am out of business. Therefore, I charge a lot for my instruction because I am the best at it.

      Resume? Profits? Are you saying that I am not authentic? A fraud?

      Quite frankly, I never understand the demonizing of profiting from teaching Moe’s swing. I won’t go into detail but my success as a teacher gives back to the Moe Estate and junior golf. I employ dozens of people and contribute highly to the success of others who play the game. I love the fact that my company’s success helps thousands of others have success – and enjoy the game. None of this would be possible if I gave it away.

      However, I digress. Moe was shy, reclusive and anti-social. Of course Moe didn’t teach. Being a teacher is a full-time endeavor. It is difficult because you are helping others overcome their limitations. It is unselfish. That is the beauty of teaching. Moe did his best to teach me but he wasn’t calling me to make sure I was practicing. He wasn’t developing customized programs and materials for my success. He wasn’t sharing his love for the game by teaching.

      Come play golf with me sometime. Lets chat on the range and hit some balls. Talk to some of my successful students. See how happy they are and how I changed their games – and how they are having fun again. Bring me a golf student with a problematic golf swing and watch me transform him or her in 20 minutes.

      I will give a student success in the shortest period of time of any instructor in history.

      What resume can do that?



  11. harryinaz says:

    After reading these comments I begin to understand why the “establishment” e.g. USGA, Golf Channel etc. give minimal TV coverage to Bryson deChambeau, the living example of the SPS in action. They had to, when he won the John Deere, but even though he made the cut in The Open he got little screen time. Just a coincidence? I think not.


  12. William Bower says:

    I played with the conventional golf swing for many years and never got my handicap lower than 16. I invested many hours & dollars with local club pro staff who tried to tweak my swing but I got worse. I was at the point where I was going to quit the game or try something new. That’s when I signed up for my first GGA 3 day school. Having grown up about 30 miles from Moe’s hometown, I was somewhat familiar with Moe’s reputation as a unique ball striker and open to trying something new. Switching to the SPS has been difficult but I have made progress. I just turned 65 in June and reduced my handicap to 10 last month (the lowest it’s ever been). I am playing the best golf off my lifetime and I wouldn’t go back to the conventional golf swing if you paid me. Keep up the great work guys – you really are helping many of us enjoy the game and keeping us motivated to continually learn and improve. Tune out the noise from Mike and his ilk.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Thanks for the comments William! I appreciate it.


  13. Tim fry says:

    How close to Moe is DeChambeau?


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Very Close. Same principle, starts and impacts on same plane.


  14. Steve Ritchie says:

    OMG the HATERS! They sound like the crooked Dems/Libs that has ruined our Country the past 50 years! They are in the dark…in every way, especially the negative comments regarding Moe and then personally attacking Todd. Dance with the girl you brought huh? Sounds like a poor soul who grew up with only 2-3 good looking girls in school and they were so ugly they never stood a chance!
    I’m fused from the L-3 down, have no L-2, and every cervical disc is bad. 10 plus years now they have wanted to fuse my entire neck resulting in my entire spine fused. The VA wanted to totally replace both my hips now for past 12 years. My left knee has been totally replaced twice. Using the conventional swing in my late 20’s the lowest handicap I obtained was 8. Due to all my joint issues I was forced to stop playing golf in its entirety! I did not step on a course in almost 30 years. After 28 long years of active duty, my body gave out and I was medically retired.
    Then I saw Graves Golf Acedamy showing Moe’s Single Plane Swing and gave it a try. That was about 2 years ago! Now I’m playing 3-4 times per week and currently establishing my handicap.
    I’ve attended a couple of schools and was committed to master this swing! I’ve already had a handful of sub par rounds, my best so far a 67 and 68. My drives avg 270 hitting over 90% of fairways and 75% GIR. My short game including is Scratch, thanks to the GGA Short Game School and I’ve yet to 3 putt in a round this year! Avg putts 26-27. Not only do I love the game of golf, I’m playing pretty much scratch golf this year! My friends and especially family are in awe when they see me play…what a huge difference from from early days!
    My wife was able to join me this past weekend for a quick 9. This was the first time she has been on the course with me since I started GGA. She was BLOWN AWAY! She could not fathom as to how I was hitting the ball so straight! I ended up one over for the 9!
    Bottom line…GGA by teaching Moe’s Swing has reinvented and rebuilt my swing to where now I get to not only enjoy my golfing life again but shoot low scores to boot! What could be better?
    So all of you uneducated hateful people out there that insist on insulting the method should give it a try!
    Ps. I’d put my money on a group of Todd’s successful students against Joe Blow’s best conventional swingers…that would shut up the haters once and for all!
    Can I 100% duplicate Moe’s actions? No, but im getting pretty dang close to where now my mishits end up to be good shots and allow me to get up and down in most cases! It takes a lot of determination and hard work for sure but when you experience that “Feeling of Greatness, you will finally understand!
    The Graves Golf Company is without the BEST and most comprehensive golf instruction in the world!
    If I can do it, anyone can! I just wish that people who do not have a clue pass judgement….hey DH, how many Masters have you won? Go fish!


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