INSIGHT into Moe’s Swing

I was looking through a few pics of Moe today. I just can’t get enough of his purity of technique. The perfection of his swing is a work of art.

Check out this picture where Moe is holding the club in his lead hand. Notice where the club is placed in the heel pad as he begins to extend his arm. This picture shows Moe’s routine as he starts to put his arms behind the ball.

Moe Norman
Moe Norman Holding club in lead hand

Here is a close-up of the hand position.


This demonstrates exactly where the club runs into the lead hand. Now take a look at this picture:

Moe Norman
Moe Norman in Mid-backswing

Notice the overlapping hand position (which I highly recommend). Also look at how the thumb is tucked deeply into this lead hand. Here is a closeup.


With the proper rotation and by overlapping the hands, the wrists are brought closer together allowing the hands to unify. The wrists can then hinge without hindering each others movement.


Be careful. Do not take the grip for granted. Pay attention to your hand position and make sure the hands can work together. This helps with grip pressure and club movement.



5 comments on “INSIGHT into Moe’s Swing”
  1. Dave says:

    Thank you again Todd for sharing the photos. I have been working on unifying my grip from watching the Speed and Distance dvd. I know the overlap grip is the best for unified hand hindge but it feels very insecure to me. Do you feel the interlocking grip has equal hand unification? It does feel more natural for me but I am going to keep trying to feel comfortable with overlap.
    I am also enjoying the new Feeling of Greatness 2nd edition very much. It’s been a while since I read the original edition. Sometimes I feel so sad for Moe with what he had to put up with from the RCGA and some of the reporters.

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  2. Terry Gordon says:

    Todd; As you know; Moe did not wear a glove. The calluses on his left hand were formulated from repeated gripping of the club in a certain way ; slightly rotated but lining up the handle under the heal pad of the left palm. On older era clubs ; it was allowed a flat area of the grip to allow for this rotation. They must have known something.


  3. Syl Kutach says:

    Does the thumb of the lead hand extend down the shaft touching the shaft the entire length of the thumb or does the end of the thumb press against the shaft. Thanks for these articles. I enjoy them very much and find them informative.

    Syl Kutach


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Syl. I just posted another post to answer this question. Thanks. Todd


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