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Hello Moe Norman Fans,

We launched our new Inside the SPS product to our Inner Circle Members last night. Many of you are already Inner Circle Members – so thank you for being such a great part of Graves Golf and Moe Norman.

For those of you who are not Inner Circle Members, I invite you to get involved in the Single Plane Academy Inner Circle. The membership gives you exclusive access to our highly regarded Webinar broadcasts and exclusive instructional content.

Inner Circle members also get substantial discounts on Graves Golf Products and get this – your membership gives you credits toward a future golf school. This means that if you plan on attending a golf school in the future, your membership fees get applied to the price of the next school!

Single Plane Inner Circle

You can find out more about the Inner Circle here.

Single Plane Inner Circle

For those of you who are not Inner Circle Members but members of Moenorman.org – I wanted to thank you for your patronage on Moenoraman.org, I would like to tell you about Inner Circle pricing for the latest product launch. Inner Circle Members receive exclusive discounts on new products – and SPECIAL OFFERS as well. We just launched our latest product “Inside the Single Plane Swing” to our Inner Circle Members.

Inside Single-Plane Swing

About “Inside the Single Plane Swing”

Inside the SPS is a revolutionary look “Inside” Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing. I call the video multi-sensory, helping you see, feel and experience the Single Plane swing like never before. The inside the SPS package comes with:

  • The “Take it to the range” (pocket guide)
  • Bonus DVD with unique footage to help you FEEL your swing

If you would like to Pre-Order “Inside the Single Plane Swing” you can order the new product here.


All DVD’s will give you digital access to the information as well as a physical DVD product.

Why is Inside the Single Plane Swing revolutionary?

Most of you know what the Single Plane Golf Swing IS but do you know how it FEELS? Isn’t that what everyone who wants to learn the Single Plane is? I think so. This is the main reason students come to schools. They come to schools to have the coaches teach them new feelings.

Here is the secret to teaching – make students do things that they don’t know how to feel themselves.

Inside the Single Plane, swing takes a multi-sensory approach to feelings – showing you new ways to feel the swing using unique and “point of view” camera angles. Once you see the ideal perspective of the golf swing, I then walk you through exactly what you should be feeling. For example, the backswing feels like two parts where your body turns together at first, then the upper body (torso) starts moving faster about halfway back.  The feeling of the backswing is a One-Two feeling where everything runs together – ONE, and then the upper body keeps moving as the arms move to the top – TWO.


Why does it feel this way?

Because the body is separating itself. The upper body is separating from the lower body through a rotation. If you slow down and pay attention to what you feel, you can quickly learn this motion and feel exactly how the body produces the proper backswing.

The problem with believing something is that when you feel something new, you only have the reference of what you felt before. New feelings always seem so different, many times we label them as bad. This is why many students have difficulty learning – because nobody wants to feel bad. Bad feelings are not necessarily “wrong” especially if you are changing your swing motion from incorrect movements to correct ones.

Eventually, bad feelings become healthy – and you have a new and better swing because of it.



Here are a few insider pics of from the raw footage of the video showing how the club looks at address.

Backswing FOV

And how I see it in the backswing:

Backswing Birds-Eye-ViewBackswing Birds-Eye-View

Your senses create your feelings. When you practice and build your swing, you must use all of your senses to perceive the ideal movement. Understanding these elements helps you make a perfect golf swing.

Which comes down to a significant point of this video. Are you fixing or building your golf swing?

The reason I ask is that I believe fixing your swing is impossible. This is because the idea of fixing recognizes that it was perfect at one time and somehow it became broken. I doubt this is true. The fact is that you have never actually “built” a golf swing. Therefore there is nothing really to fix.

Even when I practice, I never fix anything. I only build and modify. I add or subtract. I am always in the mindset of building not repairing.

Now, if you want to change and improve, you must BUILD a your golf swing from the INSIDE – with me as your guide. 

You probably already know about the Single Plane Golf Swing. You might have been trying it – now its time to feel it an build it. A golf swing is an Inside job. This is why I spend my time helping you gain INSIGHT into how you can exactly feel and match Moe Norman’s swing mechanics. It’s up to you to experience it for yourself.

That’s why am also including a Users Guide that you can take to the range as a “Coach” to help you while you are on the range. Everyone loves the GGA Pocket Coach that you can take on the golf course. Now you have a Swing Coach that you can take to the range. What is even better is that it’s like having me or one of the GGA coaches showing you what you should be seeing and feeling at each part of your swing – as you practice.

Pocket Guide Inside SPS

The “Inside the SPS” Swing Guide will give you an Instruction in your back pocket.

Now you will have video instruction, visual aids and a coach on the range with you when you practice.

You will be fully prepared to start building your Single Plane Swing.

For more information about the PRE-Launch of the Inside the Single Plane Swing DVD’s and Sing Guide, please go to this web page for our special offer.


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