Moe Archeology (continued)

The research continues.

Journalist Peter Fox, a contributor to the Feeling of Greatness Documentary, has done it again. He found a few classic Moe Norman pictures given to us by Donna Thompson, widow, of Canadian Hall of Famer Alvie Thompson and friend of Moe’s.

She provided some pictures of Moe, one of which is after his first tournament win.

Peter states:

“For those unfamiliar with Alvie, here are links about him; Most interesting, to me, was this picture she sent that included Moe, George Knudsen, Alvie, Al Balding, and other contemporaries.”



2 comments on “Moe Archeology (continued)”
  1. Chris A says:

    Moe looking sharp as always! I love these old photos. Keep them coming!


  2. Tony Brewster says:

    Very cool you’ve taken the time to share his legacy and legend! Thanks!


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