Sample Bio-mechanics Summary

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to send a quick sample of a biomechanics summary to you could get a taste of what looking at body movement can do to help you improve your golf swing.


I reviewed the multi-swing report data from the May 12,13 golf school. The Main data points I look at are Rotations and Bends starting in order – at the Address, Backswing, and Impact. If you are outside of the ranges of our model, I look for the causes. Here are the main highlights:


1) Too much sideband at address.

At address, you had 29 degrees of Sideband (tilt to away from the target) with the upper body. This is approximately 8 degrees higher than our model. In other words, you are too leaned away-from the target at address.

Fix: Less Side-bend at address.
Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.49.45 AM.png


2) Over-rotation of the Pelvis / Torso in the backswing.

Your over-rotation of the torso in the backswing, averaging 85 degrees, is up to 25 degrees higher than our model (My torso averages around 65 degrees) rotated. This is caused by an over-rotation of the pelvis in the backswing. Your pelvis rotation in the backswing averaged 44 degrees, 15 degrees higher than our model. This is caused by a movement of your head (backward) in the backswing. Your torso and pelvis bend in your backswing was within range.

Fix: Reduce rotation of the Pelvis/Torso in the backswing.
Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.41.33 AM.png


3) Under-Rotation of Pelvis / Torso at Impact.

Your average rotation of the Pelvis was 27 degrees, and torso 27.6 degrees indicates an average under-rotation of your body at impact. Your sideband averaged 40.80 degrees, 5 degrees higher than our model.

Fix: If you over-rotate in the backswing you will under-rotate into impact.  You can fix the impact rotations by fixing the backswing.  


The average efficiency shows a 1, 3, 4, 2 Sequence where the Torso moves first, hands move second, then Torso followed by the arms. The Hands are moving out of sequence. The hands moving first is also typical of over-rotation of the torso and pelvis in the backswing. When you over-rotate, your hands are too far “behind” therefore the natural movement is to attempt to move them out of sequence rather than “lag” them in the downswing.

Fix: Properly rotate the Pelvis and Torso in the backswing so you can Lag your hands in the downswing.
Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.38.25 AM.png


The golf swing is a series of Causes and Effects. It is quite clear that your over-rotation of the body in the backswing is causing under-rotation into impact and causing you to lack “lag” of your hands into the downswing.

Spend some time working with the Coaches on your backswing position and see if you can’t get the proper rotation which should translate into a better impact rotation.

I will forward this to the coaches for their review as well.


One comment on “Sample Bio-mechanics Summary”
  1. Dave Kempema says:

    I would love to wear that K vest and be analyzed but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to have that happen.


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