One of the “Secrets” to Transition / Todd’s Notes

Believe it or not, in your backswing, as everything moves away from the target, your lower body actually moves toward the target – even before you actually make the downswing.  This “key” is what most golf instructors miss and it might just be the factor that helps you finally master one of the most difficult moves in the golf swing- the Transition.

The Transition is the moment in the golf swing where you move from your backswing to the downswing. It is a dynamic movement whereas everything rotates away from the target, your lower body begins to move and rotate toward the target.  It happens simultaneously and separately where your torso continues to rotate away from the target as your lower body moves toward the target.

No, I don’t believe in secrets. But it’s a cool word to catch your attention.  I want to show you what I believe is an important part of the downswing and how the lower body moves into the transition. It all starts at address.


From the address, the upper body is behind the lower body. You head is being the ball and you are set and ready to turn.


When I rotate the lower body, the spine stays tilted as the lower body moves forward.

Todd Graves Lower Body MovementThe key or secret is that the lower body moves forward (toward the target) because of the rotation of the hips and the slight tilt of the spine. From this position, I can easily move into my lead knee in the transition/downswing.

Todd Graves Top of Backswing

It is important that hips start the downswing and move into the lead knee. This stabilizes the lead leg and allows the hips to rotate in the forward swing.

Todd Graves Lead Knee

On the release, the knee remains flexed and the trail foot stays on the ground as the body rotates and trail arm straightens through impact.

Todd Lead Knee Trail Foot Single Plane Swing

I hope you found this helpful. If you would like to help others learn about the Single Plane Golf Swing – the swing that Moe Norman taught me. Please help me by donating to his documentary at:



2 comments on “One of the “Secrets” to Transition / Todd’s Notes”
  1. Mike says:

    I thought Moe Norman had a vertical drop that started the downswing. This hip starting downswing sounds contradicting. In one of Moes videos, he said he used his upper body.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      In the dozens of times I practiced with Moe, i never once heard him say he started his downswing with his upper body. Secondly, videos clearly show Moe’s lower body moving toward the target before his upper body in the downswing. Finally, Moe often said this comment “I am going back as I’m coming down”. What he meant by that is that his upper body is moving backward as his lower body is moving forward. We call that the transition.

      My research and Kinematic Sequence data of hundreds of golfers shows that NOT ONE good golfer starts his upper body movement BEFORE his lower body movement in the transition.

      In Actuality, Moe’s vertical drop is actually a RESULT of the lower body moving first in the initial downswing movement.


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