A Most Worthy Cause

Hello Moe Norman Fans,

I have to start by saying what a great start to our fundraising campaign for the Moe Norman “Feeling of Greatness” Documentary. I am honored to be a part of it and also appreciative of all the fans helping with the film.

For those of you who still want to help, please go here to donate:


Here is a sample letter from one of the donors:


Hello Todd,

Enclosed is my donation to the Moe Documentary – a most worth cause.  

I wanted to say how the Graves Academy is the best instruction I know of.

The Care, the Clarity, the Patience and the Talent of the entire staff; Plus the good humor is just off the charts.

I wast the second station from the left end (looking at the range from behind) at the Phoenix Alumni School in October ’17 (I think), & have been a most happy camper golf-wise ever since.  

Again, my very best wishes to your, the amazing staff, and the future of the film.

Most Sincerely,



Pete Note



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