“Moe Norman Doesn’t Have A Chance In Hell of Ever Getting Into The Hall of Fame”

You might think those of us who revere Moe Norman, and the legacy he left us, would want to rant and whine about a headline like that one. Not me. I like it and let me tell you why.

A little background first:

A while back the poohbahs of The World Golf Hall of Fame changed the criteria to nominate a candidate for election to it. Mostly, they added two categories that would have made Moe eligible, one being a veteran’s category and another a lifetime achievement category for those who have made a lasting contribution to golf.

When we saw that, we set out to see if setting up an ad hoc group of Moe friends could get Moe’s name placed in nomination to the WGHOF class of 2019. What we got was raised eyebrows, mostly.

A highly placed and reliable golf industry source did us a favor by taking the temperature of his peers on the subject. He reported their prevailing attitude in this blunt three-word capsule: “Are you serious?”

Well, yes, we were serious. After all, Moe Norman’s single plane swing innovation has helped the backbone of the game—average golfers—more than Bing Crosby and Dwight Eisenhower ever did, and they are WGHOF members who never won a major.  Moreover, Moe’s single plane swing does help average players in the way Harry Vardon’s grip did, and Vardon is a member. Further, Karsten Solheim’s perimeter weighting invention did even more, and he’s a member.

Moe Norman Tournament Record

OK, why am I glad it’s working out that Moe won’t likely get the WGHOF nomination?

Well, please forgive the smug undertone and sort of guilty glee I take because it is “we told you so time” now that Moe’s single plane and better way golf swing has arrived at the acceptance tipping point in the golf world.

Those of us who are up to our neck in showing Moe’s game-changing swing innovation recognize that the ‘are you serious’ looks in the eyes of golfing doubters are fewer and fewer.  Lately, we find more and more open minds experiencing Moe’s single plane golfing and health benefits. Tens of thousands of us now, in fact.

When we hear the likes of Tiger Woods say he wants to own his swings like only Moe Norman and Ben Hogan held theirs, and Lee Trevino call Moe a golfing genius, how can we not know Moe’s respect comeuppance is now due and payable?

When I think about the afterlife place where geniuses end up, I wish I could eavesdrop on the chats that Moe would have with the likes of, Elvis, Galileo, Ali, and Jackie Robinson.

So, even though his Canadian Hall of Fame did the right thing, albeit quite late in his life, by installing Moe. I find it hard to resist thumbing my nose at the rest of the golf snoots and suits who have no seeming respect for Moe’s Feeling of Greatness that you and I and thousands of others like us have tasted.


11 comments on ““Moe Norman Doesn’t Have A Chance In Hell of Ever Getting Into The Hall of Fame””
  1. Rene Bertschi says:

    Lets setup and have every single plane golfer sign a petition and make it public to have Moe get in to the golf hall of fame. Rene Bertschi


    1. Dave Kempema says:

      I’m in

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Dominick Garcia says:

      I’m in


  2. Nick Brame says:

    Would starting a petition help?


  3. Peter Fox says:

    They’ve insulated the process, so it is virtually self perpetuating.
    See this for details: http://www.worldgolfhalloffame.org/induction/criteria/


  4. S.J. Clay says:

    Wow ! Well said Peter. That’s my comment, simply well said.👍🏻


    1. Peter Fox says:

      Thanks. From the heart usually ends up spot on.


  5. Zarius Marcus says:

    I disagree Moe Norman should not be in the Hall of Fame. There are a number of reasons. Some reasons can’t be revealed due to their nature. Moe did not win any tournaments on the PGA Tour. In fact he ran away from the tour when he played a few events because of an incident in the locker room at one of the tournaments. As Mr. O’Conner has said in an interview he was given a “dressing down” because he wasn’t conforming to the rules of the tour. As a result he felt threatened and ran away back to Canada never to return to the tour. Winners don’t run away that’s why they are champions!

    Moe has had a history of throwing tournaments because he was insecure. He repeatedly said “can’t beat the Americans”. He had a serious insecurity and inferior complex. It is a fact he threw the Canadian Open in 1963. He also threw the Peter Jackson’s tournament in the early 80’s letting Ray Floyd win by intentionally hitting the ball in the bunker making bogey on purpose losing the tournament. He was afraid of success and couldn’t make a speech. He could not handle being in the spotlight and again ran away from the situation.

    Furthermore, when people off the street approached Moe anywhere off the golf course he ran away. He couldn’t hold a conversation without having fear. Winners don’t run away from anything they go forward.

    If you ask the right people that followed golf for a long time for many years they will tend to agree Moe was different than most. He couldn’t converse with people. If he didn’t know the person that approached him he ran away. He couldn’t even say a simple hello. He never was a people person. In golf a champion has to have the whole package. Tournament wins, charisma, and the ability to succeed under all conditions. Moe did not have the entire package. In golf you must hit the ball in the fairway to win tournaments. In this area Moe excelled. If you can’t putt you won’t last. Moe hated putting and at best was average. This was one of the reasons he didn’t win an important aspect to be considered for Hall of Fame status. Hall of famers make putts. Moe did not. He has ZERO wins on the American tour. No Masters victories, no US open victories, No PGA Player of the Year awards, No lowest stroke average awards, etc etc… Selection committees recognize a golfer’s talent and wins. Moe Norman did not qualify in both of these areas. Just being the straightest ball striker doesn’t matter if one does not win. Tournament victories are very important to the selection committee. Winning major tournaments is a big factor. When one talks about Moe Norman there is a big number 0 beside his name when it comes to wins and major victories. Putting on ball striking clinics has no effect whatsoever when it comes to selection into the hall.

    Mr. Fox made a statement about people using the single plane swing that of Moe. That is true in part. Some people have tried this way of swinging the club but don’t stick with it because it is not proven. There is no one pro that could shoot under par repeatedly. There is no one shooting lights out. The public likes champions who are well rounded people i.e. Jack Nicklaus etc. that can produce wins and have humility. Moe didn’t have this. I personally seen one person ask Moe Norman for an autograph after the round and Moe just walked away from the gentleman. His rudeness came to the forefront on this and other occasions.

    There are many more reasons why Moe Norman should not be in the Hall of Fame. The obvious reasons are clear. No PGA tour wins, threw tournaments on purpose, Average putter, arguments with tour officials, failure to conform to tournament rules and above all his negative behaviour failing to act like a gentleman as golfers should. The only way Moe would be a sure bet in the hall is to beat all of them and win. He didn’t do that and naturally is not considered. He has no record in the United States. He has no record in big tournaments. When he played the Masters he missed the cut once and the other time he quit after nine holes. Because of his behaviour at the world’s most prestigious tournament, Canadian amateur champions have not been invited to the Masters for over 50 years now. Moe’s reputation of throwing tournaments and disruptive behaviour hurt him badly. He is the sole reason other Canadian Amateur champions are not invited to the Masters. Tour players at the time and over the years knew what he was like and his thought pattern became obvious to observers. People who Moe Norman wronged over the years came back to haunt him. Just speak to Selection committee member Gary Player. He will tell you the truth about Moe and his unprofessional conduct. It obviously is not favourable.

    Is Moe Norman deserving of being inducted in the PGA Tour hall of fame? The answer is obvious. The Hall of Fame selection committee would be wrong in nominating this type of individual into the hall. The hall doesn’t want negative people, controversies or golfers with poor playing records. It’s not a hard decision when it comes to Moe Norman. They made the right decision is keeping him out for the past 20 years since its opening.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Zarius. Just so you know, Moe IS in the Canadian Hall of Fame.

      While I agree with you in part, Moe’s personality should not keep him from being in the Hall of Fame. Your argument seems to insinuate that anybody with a mental handicap should be allowed in the HOF. I think you would agree that we should not prejudice against disabilities. Based on Moe’s merits as a player, there is argument that Moe should be in the HOF as Mr. Fox suggests.


  6. Zarius Marcus says:

    Moe was never diagnosed with a disability. That is your opinion. There is no argument there. Moe created his own problems.
    He threw tournaments for a number of reasons. In one case he didn’t like a reporter. So he went out and lost the tournament on purpose. He had the opportunity to show what he could do and never capitalized on it by choice. His tournament record in Canada was impressive. In the US he essentially had no record. Mr. Nicklaus, Player and the others will not vote for this type of individual. He has not proved in the US that he could compete with the big boys. For that he won’t be considered for the hall. They don’t care about teaching a certain type of swing etc or the fact that others are trying his swing. Results are what counts. And because of his poor playing record in the US he will not be considered for the hall.


    1. Gary E says:


      I had only read about Moe and extremely fascinated. I am not a heath expert, but it should be obvious to everyone (even you?) that he is clearly on the spectrum..This is THE reason for his on and off the course behavior. You are obviously an elitist, who typifies the typical golfer in the US.

      As far as his golf. When other great golfers admire someone like Moe, then there is something there. I will be trying to change my 50 year old swing the next time on the range. A swing with less moving parts is definitely the swing that 99.999% of golfers should try to emulate..That is why he is considered a “genius”..and what I can see so far, I would say his swing (and results), is the most revolutionary swing related “help” I have ever encountered. The only folks that disapprove are the teaching pros who know it is impossible to materially help most golfers since hitting a golf ball is so individualized, and the margin of error is razor thin.

      Moe should be a first ballot hall of famer, without question.


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