Moe Norman

More Moe Pics

Here are a few more pictures from Howie Alter. You might want to frame this one:


This is a very special photograph. Truly amazing. Here is what I love about this picture –

  • Moe’s trail foot on ground slightly rolled in with heel on ground
  • Lead knee slightly flexed (stability)
  • Right arm extended (after impact)
  • How I maintain the posture of his body through the ball

This is the purity of technique Moe so often talked about. Seeing photos like this inspires me. It makes me want to practice to perfection.

I love this one for swing plane. Just look at the wrist and hand position – what I call “hand action”. Look how the back of the lead hand matches the clubface. Check out his overlapping grip. Many people think Moe always had a 10-finger grip. He changed his grip to 10-finger in 1994.


What can you learn from these pictures?

If there is one thing that helped me most – it was understanding the Moe Norman model. Looking at pictures and video helped me see Moe’s techniques so I could then apply them to my golf swing. This is a significant step.

I would love to hear your comments on what you see.





16 comments on “More Moe Pics”
  1. Bob Nash says:

    Great photos of Moe Norman. I try & emulate his posture whenever I practice. He would probably “roll over” if he saw my reorientation oh his set & swing. I am making progress, & I’m looking forward to the inevitable tweaks that I will receive from you guys in Orlando this Feb.


  2. James Fargo says:

    Hello Todd. These photos certainly tell a story to me. Been with your program for a number of years now and own a lot of your DVD’s and training aids. Your personal instruction I have learned much much from as you explain his swing and your system of training and learning and how to apply the info to the tools available through your site. You and our brother are some real chatter boxes on your webinars once you get going and its fun to learn from you. Picked up my first club in 1962. Fooled around with it for a while.Then in 84 got into this game with a passion. Got pretty good,, then in 90/91 met a Canadian teaching pro here who had been with Moe and his crew from that era who had relocated to No VA for work. Went by the name of P J. Took lots of personal lessons from him. Thin short kid but could he peel a ball. Lots of stories I heard over a beer or 2. Been a follower since. Do not know his location now. Around 93 he developed testicular cancer and had to leave this area. Sad. Still learning and swinging. Practice more than I play. Will get to one of your camps one day.
    Keep teaching your passion..
    Jim Fargo .


  3. Herb Goldstein says:

    What amazes me is how was able
    To achieve a 105 mph speed with
    That short of a backswing 🏌🏼


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Yes. Great mechanics of Moe’s swing. The Purity of Technique.


  4. Bill Leonard says:

    Clay Farnsworth just gave me the lesson about keeping my head in line with my spine which I am now working on. Moe is a great example of this in these photos. But I do notice that his face is looking back and not at the ball. Any reason for this? bill


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Moe called this head reversal. It helped him stay behind the ball.


  5. Howie Alter says:

    What you can’t hear from these photographs was the sound of the ball being hit through impact. It was the same every time Moe hit the ball. The only word that could describe it was purity. The dead centre strike on a persimmon golf club. George Knudson made the same sound . I can only imagine that Hogan sounded the same . It left your mouth open in amazement. If you watch Todd’s Clinic Series there are videos with audio to let you hear the sound of Perfection.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Hi Howie, Thanks for commenting on your photos.


  6. Brian Lilly says:

    The more pictures and video you post for all of us to see, the easier it is to pick out the parts of my swing that need correction . I spent my twenty’s and thirties trying to figure things out by myself and some things worked. The problem was that I was always tinkering with my swing and never really improving overall. Then the Graves brothers car along and showed me the swing I have spent 40 years trying to find. Thanks to you and the videos and teaching tools I have purchased from you I “feel” the improvement in my swing.


  7. Frank Wimberly says:

    Todd, Thanks for pictures they show how I am suppose to finish with my swing


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Your welcome Frank.


  8. allan says:

    these shots rely tell the whole story of how to get the shot done .allan


    1. Todd Graves says:

      The pics of Moe are great. I study them often.


  9. Steven Hopper says:

    Todd, I will continue to work on the single plane golf plane until I can say to YOU thanks for turning my swing thru your instruction be vidio.

    Be well,

    Steven Hopper


  10. Ed Harper says:

    Tim/Todd, in the winter there’s not a week that goes bye that I don’t grip the training clubs or read from your SP book or watch a Single Plane DVD. I also get out my mirror and alignment guides to check out my setup. Now I’m using the Hand Speed Trainers and a medicine ball to incorporate into my exercises. Winters are long and tough here in Idaho but with your Webinars, DVD’s, and training aids I get through until spring. I hope to attend an Alumni School in the near future. I just want to send my thanks again to you all at the Graves Golf Academy. I am now 69 and ended the year with a 7 handicap even though I had some heart and back issues. All of the golfers I play with regularly have switched to the Single Plane method and two of them plus myself have attended your schools. Just today a friend of mine asked me if I would help another golfer with back problems switch to the SP, and as always I bring up Moe Norman/Graves Golf as the purest best method to play this wonderful game. Thanks again for all you do and Happy New Year.


  11. Alan Mayer says:

    These are such great, clear photos. What I love about Moe is the consistency of his swing throughout the years. This “model” that we study never seems to waver in his technique and is true to the instruction that is now taught in the GGA. The sound of contact that was mentioned above is also consistent through every video I’ve ever seen…a loud, clear, “WHACK”. I wish I could’ve heard it in person…actually I did when I saw Todd hit a few at camp!


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