Reed Howard

Starting the motor for the season

Well, I took a good break through the holidays and now it’s the time of year where all the mini tours are starting up. I will be playing mostly golden state events this year until I play Canadian Tour Q-school in April. I certainly don’t feel the sharpest I have ever felt but the swing is in a right spot, and I’m ready to jump back on the horse. My first event is this Wednesday to Friday at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark CA. I will be playing practice rounds today and tomorrow to try and prep myself.

From a technical standpoint all I really need to focus on is not letting that trail foot cheat up especially with my driver and woods.

Reed Howard address position
Single Plane Address
Reed Howard Release position

From a technical standpoint, all I need to focus on is not letting that trailing foot cheat up especially with my driver and woods. From a mental perspective, I have to get back into the flow of tournament play. The rounds and the game is a lot more intense. If I am 5 under in a standard series, I am barely paying attention. If you are five under in a tournament, you know you are coming in well, and it means more to you. More money, more accomplishment. The key to mentally playing matches is to approach them like regular rounds. If I notice that I am getting too intense, I force myself to talk about something fun and lighthearted with a playing competitor. If I am having a good round and feel myself tightening up, I will actively grab my three wood throw a ball on the ground without teeing it up and quickly pump in down the fairway. Actively trying to show my body and mind that when you are too intense trying to relax and focus less is sometimes the right thing to do.

It is always a balancing act, and the only way to improve is to play. Looking forward getting going and I expect good results this season. I remind myself that every shot, round and tournament is a process and if you continue to focus on the right things the process will go in the correct direction.


3 comments on “Starting the motor for the season”
  1. JOZEF M says:

    Thank you for the article. It is helping me to stay on right track. I wish you all the best. I was talking to you (end of the row next to you) at the 3 day school last April in Orlando.
    Left handed Joe


  2. Bill says:

    Sounds like a good plan. Keep us updated on your progress. Looking forward to seeing you on t.v.


  3. Chris A says:

    Best of luck Reed! Let us know how you do.


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