Lets Get Real

The Golf Swing is NOT difficult. Let me say that again. The Golf Swing is not difficult. Learning the golf swing IS.

Why is this so?  

For some reasons:



  1. Most people have no idea how to learn something new.
  2. Nobody can actually “feel” what they do.
  3. What you feel you do and what you “think” you do don’t ever match.
  4. Most people practice incorrectly and ineffectively.
  5. People are undisciplined and won’t slow down and develop away from the golf course (They want to run to the course and play golf while learning).
  6. Focuses on score/results rather than technique.

Let’s take a look at the perfect student.

  1. Understands the Model (Moe Norman / Single Plane)
  2. Understands that learning is about developing new movement and feel.
  3. Takes time to match the model in every aspect and order beginning with the grip and address.
  4. Uses Feedback tools to improve such as training aids, video feedback, and coaching/lessons.
  5. Monitors his/her progress based on the model and approaches the causes, not the effects.
  6. Develops purity of technique rather than focuses on scores knowing that when his technique improves the scores will improve.

The golfers you watch on Television put in as many hours practicing their swings as you do look at the golf channel and reading magazines. When you are channel surfing, they are practicing. As you read your next “how to” article, they are refining their backswings. Doing is much more important than thinking about doing.

I’m not saying information isn’t valuable. Heck, I produce tons of information – most of it is worthless unless you apply it to your learning. You must do it to benefit from it. I would rather you try it than completely understand it. For example, you don’t need to know that your trail hand is in a not rotational position. You need to put your trail hand in a non-rotational position and then learn to hit balls that way.

Grip bringing up trail hand

It doesn’t matter if you know that your flexed lead knee will save your back. You need to start hitting shots with a flexed lead knee through impact.

Lead Knee FlexedYou don’t need to know that your spine tilt at address should be 15 degrees at address and 25 degrees at impact – when measured from the front view.

Spine Tilt

You need to make sure you match the Single Plane model at address and measure your positions with video to learn what it feels like to stay behind the ball and increase your tilt into impact.

You don’t need to know why the trail foot is on the ground to slow the pelvis rotation through impact – so that the torso can rotate and allow the arms to speed through impact. You do need, however, to learn to keep the trail foot on the ground through impact to develop the proper spine tilt and sequence of the golf swing to produce speed.

Foot on Ground back angle

If you want to improve, you need to discipline yourself to follow the simple rules of the single plane swing and practice correctly. Measure your progress and get better. So, get real – and get better.


6 comments on “Lets Get Real”
  1. Dave says:

    Great posting Todd. I am definitely going to archive this and continually refer back to it. For me learning the new doesn’t seem near as difficult as erasing the old moves that always seem to want to sneak back in my swing.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. James Starkey says:

    Mojo rising, I know Moe would rest his club behind the ball when addressing the ball. I’ve notice in some of his videos, he’ll place the club in the normal behind the ball position and then push his clubhead slightly outside the target line. This move feels like it helps alot. I use a ten finger grip and It feels better to me, then using just nine fingers. When I use the overlapping grip it reminds me of my old two plane interlocking grip. Here’s a suggestion maybe a ten finger single plane training club. If all three grips work for the two plane swing, why not all three grips for the single plane swing. James Starkey sarasota, fl


  3. steve clay says:

    For Real Todd , It’s the truth. I think students should enjoy the journey and enjoy practicing but NO DOUBT do it the way you have shown. My SPG friends trust these guys, they realing have our best interests at hand.


  4. Jean says:

    Great post Todd. I would emphasize point #3. WHAT TOU FEEL YOU DO AND WHAT YOU THINK YOU DO DON’T EVER MATCH. This is number 1 for my part, that’s why coaches are important to get us back on track.


  5. Gerald Holman says:

    To learn and apply the “Swing LIke- Moe” concept, I would assume it is important to fit my clubs to use the Moe Style. Like a more flatter lie, instead of upright as my now are. Do you agree and can you help me with this?

    Gerald Holman


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Yes, you do need to fit your clubs to the swing. Usually this requires a flatter lie angle. You can get a free club fitting if you go here:


      Once you fill out the form, we will get back to you with the ideal specifications for a perfect Single Plane Fitting.




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