Moe Norman Documentary in the Works

What started out as an idea to showcase how Moe Norman’s golf swing will enter the future has blossomed into a full fledged documentary about Moe and his swing.

Peter Fox, ESPN’s Founding Executive Producer says:

“It’s quite possible that Moe Norman’s golf swing has reached a “tipping point”.

The tipping point might well be here based on some growing factors. Consider that there are more people using Moe Norman’s golf swing than ever before.  The best golfers in the world are experiencing more injuries than any time in the history of the game.  The industry is leaning on the aging golfer – who is becoming the largest growing segment of gofers.

I didn’t expect the project to take on such a life so quickly.  Thanks to the incredible talents of Barry Morrow (known for writing the movie Rainman), the creative direction of Nathan Edwards of Tri 3 Media and Peter Fox – the documentary is becoming much more than I ever expected.

Then again what else would you expect from Barry Morrow.

Barry brings his typical dynamic and enthusiastic personality to the project.   Having produced numerous documentaries, Morrow was originally scripted to simply narrate the project.  After telling him about my ideas he became so excited, he voluntarily took the entire project under his wing.

Documentaries are about telling stories.  We plan on capturing the stories of those who knew about Moe and where Moe’s legend it is headed today” says Barry.

Nathan Edwards brings a new level of talent to the piece.  Nate, as I call him,  has been producing content for Graves Golf since 2003.  He is the talent behind the scenes of the Graves Golf productions. As Barry says “Don’t underestimate the talent of Nathan Edwards”.  

Nathan brings in another great talent Keenan Garett who has edited and produced hundreds of Graves Golf productions.  Keenan’s eye both in front and behind the camera is unparalleled.

Pictured above is the Connecticut documentary team including screen writer Barry Morrow,  professional golfer Reed Howard , producers Nathan Edwards and Keenan Garrett.

I will keep everyone updated on upcoming scenes from the film.


4 comments on “Moe Norman Documentary in the Works”
  1. Terrence D Brown says:

    Bravo! : – )) tb


  2. Todd Graves says:

    Exciting Project. So happy to be involved.


  3. Peter Bloxham says:

    Great news. All the best with it.


  4. Colin Rugless says:

    I have been waiting for a film since 1996 (about). I was in awe of Moe. I copied his swing as best I could at Glenelg G C South AUSTRALIA
    Colin Rugless


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