On the Range with Moe

It is hard to describe the emotions I felt when Moe and I would hit balls together. I was always curious, excited and appreciative. Then Moe would start hitting. It was like watching a sculptor or an artist exhibit their craft. I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of Moe’s swing, the sound of the ball and the flight of the ball in the air.

The Moments were hard to describe. Here are a few pics I found from one of those days on the range. This was a photo shoot from the Natural Golf Video “A lifetime of better golf” in St. Petersburg Florida. Check out the pics of all of the Natural Golf Bags lined up and Moe in the middle!

You will see my friends Bob Rosburg (gray shirt), Chuck Hogan (green shirt), Ken Elsworth (blue shirt) and Peter Fox (tan shirt and hat) and me in the red shirt.

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