Moe Norman

Moe Norman is a Maverick-Rockway

Weekend Magazine: November 19, 1958

Copied from Moe Norman’s mothers scrapbook.


THEY ALL LAUGHED in the Kitchener Press Club when I announced I’d come to town to interview Moe Norman, known as the Clown Prince of Golf, Moe the Schmoe, the Magnificent Ragamuffin, or just the Kid.

“Interview him?” said a reporter. “There’s a medal just for finding him.”

Another newsman said,” He may not even say hello to you, unless –” and here the speaker rubbed his forefinger and thumb together to indicate an itch for money — “unless you let Moe know there’s something in it for him.”

I was to remember this gesture vividly a few days later. Meanwhile, I started looking for Moe in pool halls, bowling alleys and cigar stores.

During my man hunt, I talked to many others about this strange 27-year-old who, after devoting his entire life to golf, had found himself not allowed to play competitive golf, either as amateur or pro.

John Miles, a fine player from Mamaroneck, N.Y., still talks of meeting Moe in the Ontario Amateur.

“I was two under par in the morning rounding,” says Miles, “but I was seven holes down! Moe carded nine pars and nine birdies. He finally beat me, seven and six, and was 13 under par for 30 holes.”

This game at Brantford earned Moe the competitive-course record there of 63, one of eight Canadian competitive-course records he claims.

In a friendly game at his home course of Kitchener Rockway, Moe lays claim to a fantastic 59, which would be one of the few under-60 games anywhere in the world. His best nine-hole Rockway total is 28.

ALTHOUGH he had early intstruction from the Rockway pro, Lloyd Tucker, Moe’s style, developed from hitting 500 practice balls a day, is very much his own and unique among tournament golfers. He steps quickly up to the ball, takes a hurried backswing, belts the ball 275 yards down the middle, grabs up his bag and is off after the ball in a (discontinued).

(WEEKEND MAGAZINE Vol 8, No.9, 1958)

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