Capturing Moe’s Swing


If I get a chance to talk to you, it won’t take you long to realize how passionate I am about Moe Norman’s golf swing. You might even think I’m crazy.

Not only did I spend 10 years learning from Moe, but I have researched every nuance of his mechanics. Why did I do this? At first, it was it was personal. I wanted to improve my golf swing personally. To be honest, Moe saved my game life. Without learning his swing, I would have quit the game.

After I became “fluent” in Moe’s swing, I realized that I could help other golfers save their golf lives as well. Helping others improve was exactly how the Graves Golf Academy got started. Today, I get more excited watching others improve than if I made a hole-in-one.

I continue to do research and study because every single time I learn something new, it helps me help other aspiring Single Plane Golfers. Here are some pics from the Motion Capture Studio in Orlando, Florida.

In this one particular picture, I am at through the release. This is a fundamental view because it shows the flex of the lead knee as I extend past impact. You can see the same position in Moe’s picture. This particular movement takes stress off of the back. Notice how the trail shoulder is “under the chin,” and the lead arm is actually slightly bent.



3 comments on “Capturing Moe’s Swing”
  1. Don Suominen says:

    Excellent columns, spacing and ease of viewing vertically. Content gives a 360 degree view of what Graves Golf is about. Congrats!


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Thank you Don.


  2. BR says:

    The two pics below the last paragraph are simply amazing imo. Clearly defines/describes exactly what you teach regarding left knee action, etc. Great visual. Love the webinars, videos. Thank you so much for posting these pics.


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