Moe Norman swing in 3D – The Science of Simple – Volume 1

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with current events, but for the past few years I have been developing software that measures your body position, and motion, based on the exact locations and movements of the Single Plane Swing.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Single Plane swing foundation, starting at address, is one of the most critical aspects of the proper motion. The address position is a “sum of its parts” whereby the Single Plane is starting the job, the foundation of the swing, is a summation of every part of the body including the legs, arms, pelvis, and torso. In other words, you can’t be in an actual single plane without every part of the body in alignment. Here are some of the basics to the single plane swing.

This picture describes what I call the Metrics to the golf swing. Each “metric” is the exact measurement of the body part making it easy to model the Single Plane Positions.

Todd shared a sketch with you 19

One of the most critical metrics of the Single Plane swing is the sideband of the upper body. The upper body sideband lowers the trial shoulder and rotates the trailing arm slightly under – what Moe called “sunny side up.”

Todd shared a sketch with you 20

With the ideal sideband, the club can align with the trailing arm making the first arm visible.

Todd shared a sketch with you 21

Now you understand Moe’s address position and how he could set-up on the perfect single plane.



2 comments on “Moe Norman swing in 3D – The Science of Simple – Volume 1”
  1. John zupan says:

    I met Moe while playing the winter tour Royal oak and watched his swing for several hours he was one of the boys he always had a crowd watching after a few days he politely asked if I would like to see his drivers we went to his car and he opened the trunk tree was at least 100 oil hardened persimmon drivers he ask me which one I would like I didn’t know what to sa a gift so precious to him giving it to me some thug that was more important then playing in in any major golf tournament I tried to politely say that these clubs belonged to him and he should prolly keep his clubs because you might not know when you might use the one I might take he said’good for me good for you good for me good for you good for me good for you ‘ we became friends then and in a instant my life changed I met associated and was respected by a golf god bless this man he was and is the best I have ever seen this was in the mid sevenths the next man I witnessed as well was jack Nicklaus he also had this analogy to cover a area the size of a golf cart tire that’s another story as time goes on I witnessed gene Saracen and Byron Nelson practice this take us to Sam Snead playing in front of him in Erie Pa. a club tournament that I was invited to ply in at the chataquaw cc his motion was as pure if not the best I’ve ever seen he was well into his later days but what a thrill playing in a tournament with a man that once played agents my father Ann a man by the name of Louie Hoffman I often watch the16 mm film of them together walking down the fairways at coral ridge life has been very gracious and golf a dream come true thank you Mom and Dad for all the memories


  2. jeff doak says:

    excellent instructing


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