What I learned Today – July 6, 2018

I had a quick practice session on the range today. I also hit a few putts and bunker shots. As usual, I took my iPad out to video a few swings.

I always find it interesting that I learn something every time I practice. I thought I would share a few of the little things that I learned

Discovery 1: You’re either practicing your swing or hitting at targets and you’re either getting better (improving your swing) or your grooving a bad swing. Most people just swing and hope to hit it – this is why golfer is generally bad.

Yes, I can’t help myself. During my breaks I watch others practice. I have to admit – it frustrates me. Golf is a difficult game. If you have fun being bad then go for it. But when I watch people on the range getting frustrated I have to wonder “Why do you want to spend your time being bad?”. I also have to ask “Do you think doing the same “bad” thing over and over is going to get better?”

Discovery 2: Practice the short game with the balls you like to play with.

As I dropped my bucket of range balls and started hitting a few short pitches and chips I got into a rhythm. The balls began consistently rolling the correct distance as I got a feel for the distance. Mixed into the bucket of range balls were a few Titleist ProV1 and Callaway Chrome Softballs. Each time I struck one of these higher performing balls I noticed that they were coming up considerably short of the range balls. Why? Because they were spinning more. They felt considerably softer. They also made a noticeably different sound.


Discovery 3: I like a heavy Lob Wedge

I have been on the hunt for the perfect wedge. Don’t tell my brother but I have been rummaging through his hundreds of wedges and I even took the one from his bag and gave it a test run. The problem that I personally have with most Gap and Sand Wedges, is that they are too light. Most of the shots I hit with the Sand Wedge are partial shots such as chips and bunker shots. I am usually choking down the handle making the club shorter. In order to offset the short club, I have to add weight to the head to have a better feel of the golf club.


Discovery 4: Put away your cell phone

I watched a young golfer hitting pitches. He would hit a pitch and then check his phone. Send a few texts and then hit another pitch. After each shot, he would text again. So much for quality practice. Practice is about feel and repetition. I also believe that practice is a meditation. So put away your phone and have some quality meditative practice time.

Discovery 5: A closed Irons stance (Feet) causes problems in my sequencing.

As I started my practice session I usually begin with a few short irons and work my way up to the longer clubs in my bag. Initially, my swing felt weird but it looks great on video. My sequence was off. I feel as though my hands were trying to “catch up” to my torso.

I have felt this weirdness before and thought to myself “Damnit. What causes me to feel this sometimes – where my swing looks good but I just can’t seem to get the compression from the ball?”.


Then I took some of my own advice and threw down the alignment and ball position trainer. My feet were a bit closed. I opened the lead foot and instantly started compressing the golf ball. Lesson learned.


Here is the video of the swing from the practice session.

I learn something every time I practice. I’m heading back out this afternoon to reinforce these things I learned in the morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.



7 comments on “What I learned Today – July 6, 2018”
  1. Dave Kempema says:

    Just recently I started going to the range with just my perfect impact training club and my abp board. That’s it.. No golf bag, no tees.,not any other clubs to tempt me to start banging balls senselesly . It seeems this will will be the only way to teach myself to stop letting my hands from trying to catch up with my torso or even pass it.
    I’m sticking with this until I never make that mistake on the course again.
    Good idea?



    1. Todd Graves says:

      Dave, The reason that you release early is because you lack rotation of the torso at impact (for some reason). Could be lack of pelvis rotation as well. The perfect impact club will surely help you feel the proper impact but I also suggest making sure that your swing mechanics are correct as well. Have you sent a video into the coaches recently?


      1. Dave Kempema says:

        Yes, Have been working with Bart and trying to focus on kinematic sequence.


  2. Ian Nonhebel says:

    I have been working on my swing / taking the club away pointing to p point then bringing it up to the top starting with wrist cock like Moe showed you when you first videoed him on driving range. I am keeping my left arm straighter / not lifting up / using my legs to bring the club down / vertical drop / keeping my head over my right knee / feeling my body getting pulled forward from that position as I hit the ball. I have watched your 6 iron video in slow mo / very informative.
    Am working on short game Moe style – found video of him hitting out of bunker / ball at his back foot / he has the same swing / just closer to the ball. Would like to buy short game download / not DVD as live in UK Salisbury Wilts – is there a link for this. You are fazing out DVD’s I thought yet can’t find internet download to buy.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Ian, Thanks for the feedback.

      We have shifted to a subscription model where you pay a monthly fee of $27 and you get access to ALL of our video content including the Short Game DVD and all Graves Golf and Moe Norman DVD’s. you can access the membership registration here:


      Let me know if you have any problems.




  3. Tim Crowley says:


    You need to learn the difference between your and you’re. See Discovery 1.

    Tim Crowley illini7172@cinci.rr.com 937-725-9141 Sent from my iPhone



    1. Todd Graves says:

      Corrected. Thank for the edit.


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