David Frost on Moe Norman

Last Sunday, I interviewed PGA Tour player and Champions Tour player David Frost to discuss the importance of ball-striking and to discuss Moe Norman. I spent two hours discussing the life of a PGA tour player and what it takes to play at that level.


I have always admired David’s golf swing. I consider it one of the simplest swings today on the Champions Tour. That is one thing that we have in common – keeping it simple.

During our conversation, he graciously shared his time and knowledge about professional golf – and spoke highly of Moe. I asked him about his first impressions when he saw Moe hit balls in the late 80’s and when in 1993 when David won the Canadian Open.

“Moe was a legend. Just like Nicklaus, Hogan or Sneed, if Moe was hitting balls you just had to watch him. I always like to watch good ball-strikers because I might learn something. Just one small thing can make a big difference.”

David said that there was a high level of respect for Moe from the ball of the PGA tour members. They also understood Moe’s personality and social insecurities.

“It seemed that when Moe grabbed a golf club he felt more comfortable. It was like his personality changed when he held a club. All of the players looked up to him. He was a legend”.

He also mentioned the sound the golf ball made.

“Moe’s golf shots made “that sound” that all good players make. Its’ the sound of the club compressing the ball perfectly. It’s the sound that great ball-strikers make because they know how to deliver the club correctly to the ball. It makes a unique sound and Moe made that sound.”

If you didn’t know, David has a successful wine business. If you enjoy wine, you should give it a try. You can learn more about his wines here:








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