Moe Norman In a Mask

Moe is a Hero – let’s tell others about him

Hello Moe Norman Fans,

The world needs heroes. Not Superman, wonder-women or iron man – the kind you see in the movies.  We need real heroes. The humankind. The ones that have their feet on the ground who have everyday lives. Moe Norman was my type of hero.

His life was paradoxical. He was sometimes charismatic and entertaining but if you caught him alone in a restaurant you might think he couldn’t speak. Many considered Moe autistic or impaired yet he often displayed signs of unimaginable genius. He didn’t have a bank account but he could count cards and remember the length of every golf hole he played.

Moe was different. Because of it, his life was full of excruciating shyness, personal suffering, and emotional pain but somehow he found a way to push through. He stayed true to himself. He didn’t conform.  I am reminded of a quotation from Henry David Thoreau – my mother would often recite to me when I was growing up:

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however, measured or far away.” – HENRY DAVID THOREAU, Walden, chapter 18, p. 430 (1966). Originally published in 1854.

What I loved so much about Moe was that even though his life was full of pain and suffering – he stepped to the beat of his own music. Moe pursued golf and never gave up.

In my world, this makes him a hero.

Moe Norman

What if everyone could find their own “music”? What if they pursued their music with such passion that nothing could stop them? When I think if Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Elon Musk and yes, Moe Norman – I see heroes.

Instead of complaining to the younger generation for having their minds buried inside a digital simulation, let us expand their awareness of the world outside of the computer screen. Instead of worrying about politics and oil prices, let’s enjoy being human and appreciate others and their unique gifts.

Let’s start making a difference by embracing the amazing talents and differences of the people around us. Let’s teach them that no-one is perfect and that is ok. As a matter of fact, we should celebrate everyone’s imperfections. Without judgment, we can enjoy each other’s uniqueness because these make us who we are.

Let’s help others explore the greatness in people – about the Moe Norman’s of the world which has been my mission for over twenty years. I receive thousands of emails and letters each year from people who thank me for carrying Moe’s legacy into the future.

Now I am doing it in a better and bigger way. With the help of Academy Award-winning screenwriter Barry Morrow (Rainman), we are producing “The Feeling of Greatness” – the Moe Norman Story, a documentary.

Moe’s life story is one of an unlikely hero. The world needs to learn about him so that others can see the genius behind the mask and how a poor, autistic boy from Canada became known as the world’s greatest ball-striker.

We cannot expect the world to be the amazing place we want it to be if we don’t do our part. Please do your part and help Barry and me complete this project this year by donating to our film. You can donate at the website listed here.

Thank you.

Todd Graves



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