Feel Your Swing

Kudos from Rick – Inside the Single Plane Swing Video

Re: Kudos and Thanks to You

I honestly believe that “Inside the Single Plane Swing” is the absolute best golf instruction video I have ever watched.

Hi Todd—

I had the pleasure of meeting you last March at your Orlando
3-day class. After the class my game deteriorated a bit and then
slowly improved to where I was scoring in the mid eighties (my index
was 23 something at the time). And then I stopped playing for a couple
of months because of injuries and travel.

Graves Golf Inside the Single Plane Swing
Feel your Lower Body Movement from the Inside.

When I began playing again something was drastically wrong: for some
reason I could not hit the ball consistently anywhere from tee to
green. I pulled balls.  I topped balls. I was constantly coming “over
the top.” And, I could not break 100. I was so frustrated that I
actually avoided playing because it was no longer fun.

So I decided to go back to the basics with the single plane swing. I
re-read your book and began watching the videos that I had previously
purchased from GGA.  Finally, I discovered your new video “Inside the
Single Plane Swing”. After going through the video three or four
times, often stopping to practice the feelings you were discussing, I
went back to the practice range and found myself hitting the ball
consistently good again. When I returned to the course the first time,
I shot an 85. Since that time, my scores have been mostly in the
eighties and I have not had a round above 91. My index has dropped to
17 something, I am now enjoying golf again and I once more look
forward to playing three or four times a week.

Feel Your Swing
Inside the Single Plane Swing – Feel Your Swing

The reason I am writing you is to express my gratitude for your
continuing efforts to make golf fun again for senior golfers like me,
as well as to let you know that I honestly believe that “Inside the
Single Plane Swing” is the absolute best golf instruction video I have
ever watched.  At last, I am able to understand and visualize how the
single plane swing should actually look and feel at each position; and
then take it to the course.  I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate
and appreciative I am (and anyone else who views the video should be)
that you had the genius to put the video together and share it with
single plane believers. Thank you and please keep up the good work.


Find out more about “Inside the Single Plane Swing” here.

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