Review for Inside the Single Plane Swing

Hi again Todd
Having watched the inside (Inside the Single Plane Swing) again this morning there is just so much to learn and gain from your latest work – the camera work and production overall is first class – I am just blown away by it to be honest – this is groundbreaking stuff.

I think the direction you are going by saying more strongly to people that they are building a new swing rather than fixing is absolutely the way to go and it does change one’s thinking –it is like building a new house, you must look at all the parts and get a good foundation to start with

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For me, the refocusing on building concept has allowed me to review and redefine what I am doing with my swing. It has been 18 months since I first learned about Moe’s swing. But it has really only been since I went to the 3 day camp last year in late October last year that I really started to understand what is needed to be done – but I now know that even going to that I was initially just trying to change/fix my swing (and I wanted to do it as quickly as possible) but it does actually mean “re-programming” myself which I think once one appreciates that is what is needed it all changes. I saw a video recently on how the Korean women practice and they take up to a minute to go through 1 swing!!

So, recently I have rethought how to go about things, and I am now ‘chunking’ the various parts of the swing and trying to perfect each part. I remember learning about this concept as a high school teacher. We often used to teach our students to understand what chunking was and why it was so important and then teach them how to chunk – and then show them that it can be done to anything – it reorients thinking and gives more energy as there is a way forward. You guys don’t use that term, but it is what you are doing – This is what is so valuable (and different) about what you guys are doing. I compare what I am doing now to what I did going to a club pro before and try to fix my swing without really knowing why and I see it with my friends going to lessons every few weeks now with no real improvement (sometimes some sudden improvement).

I now realize that while I spent a fair time initially in the setup position, grip, etc. I didn’t spend enough time for example on the takeaway and each other part of the swing. As I now revisit each part in this already the results are more consistent, and this has energized me greatly as I know what I need to do (in chunks) and why I need to do it that way – to learn more slowly with particular focus and purpose – so thanks again



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