Single Plane Golf Swing

Secondary Rotation of Backswing

Hello Everyone,

I just completed my second LIVE broadcast presenting my new product “Inside the Single Plane Swing.” The participation was fantastic. We had over 1000 viewers on the second public show. I had a great time with Chandler presenting the latest teachings of the how to stand Inside and Feel the Single Plane Swing.


One if the most exciting elements of the newest instruction is the Various angles and Point of View perspectives from strategically placed cameras. The particular views allow you to see and experience the Single Plane swing from Your perspective – as though you were standing inside Moe or Me when hitting a golf ball. This visual perspective has already helped the webinar participants shed some light on improving their swings.

Many of the viewers mentioned the benefit of my presentation of the shoulder movement vs. pelvis movement was from the overhead view angle.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.55.36 PM

This top view angle allows you to see what is happening between the hips and shoulders and when it is going on.  Let me explain.

The shoulders rotate twice as much as the hips in the backswing. They both start out at approximately the same amount of rotation at address however the pelvis only gets to forty degrees of rotation while the shoulders will get to over eighty degrees.

When you move in the backswing, the shoulders and hips move at the same speed. As you continue to turn at some point the hips slow down and stop – and torso keeps rolling. These are critical “juncture” in the swing. Because is this is where the upper body separates from the lower body.

When this occurs, the shoulders become “independent” or secondary from the hips. This secondary rotation allows for the bones to again separate in the downswing – where the sovereign shoulders can follow. The rotational independence of the body parts is where speed is produced and can easily see from the new angles in the latest “Inside the Single Plane Swing” Video.

Here is a link to the webinar replay if you would like to watch.

Inside the SPS Webinar





2 comments on “Secondary Rotation of Backswing”
  1. Jean Royer says:

    Thanks a lot for the replay, this is really great stuff. Jean

    Envoyé de mon iPad



  2. Dave says:

    Todd, This was the best webiner ever! Such a perfect view of kinematic sequence. Thank you for creating such great camera angles never before seen.


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