INSIDE the Single Plane Swing Webinar

Hello Everyone,

I am planning on a PUBLIC webinar broadcast Tuesday, July 11, 2017.  You must register for this program to attend.  Here is the link:

July 11, Webinar Registration Link

In this webinar, I will be discussing how you can stand inside Moe’s shoes and FEEL your golf swing.

I offered this webinar to our Private Inner Circle Members recently – here are a few of the comments:




Not usually one for fan letters but I have to tell you that the most recent IC webinar was the best yet. 

Jim M
PS: I’m the 67-year-old who asked about flexibility and rotation at the end of the webinar



Hi Todd,

This webinar was awesome. I think with these top and inside perspective views, you have found the missing link in visualizing the moving parts.

This might be the Holy Grail.

R. B.

Don’t miss this webinar.  We will be using new camera angle and I will be answering questions live for those who attend.

See you there.

July 11, Webinar Registration Link

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