I have been using Moe’s single plane swing technique to allow me to play golf again.

I had my first spinal fusion in 1980. Before that, I played using the rotary swing technique. My surgeon asked me after the surgery if I played golf? I replied, ‘yes’. He replied ‘No you don’t, now that you have the lumbar fusion’. I had to wait a year before trying to swing a club. My use of the rotary swing style was impossible with my spinal fusion. No lower rotation since my lumbar was now fused. Sprayed the ball everywhere. So in 1981, I gave golf up.

I had some success from the surgery but in later years started having more issues with pain. In mid-2005, I started getting epidurals to stop or relief of the pain. I asked my new surgeon if the removal of the surgical knot rods could be removed? His reply was that we do not do the surgery. After that, I had to have a cage put in at the thoracic L3-L4 along with a plate and screws. That relieved some of the pain. My step-daughter who is a charge nurse gave me a reference to a surgeon in Libertyville, Il, Dr. Jonathan Citow. I made an appointment and took all my images along with records. My pain was intensifying. Dr. Citow reviewed my records and images along with a physical, he then stated; ‘You need the hardware to be taken out to lessen the pain. Scheduled the surgery and he removed the knot rods at lumbar, screws & plate at thoracic. The cage had to remain because it was fused already.

After all this, I came across an article about Moe Norman and the single plane swing. I started to review all the videos I could find. I found your videos & DVD. Purchased; ‘Single Plane Solution’, ‘Flexibility & exercises’, ‘The Moe Norman Notebook’. After viewing the DVD’s, I tried a swing that I modified for my restricted spine.

I took a few of my wife’s clubs (too short) but was able to hit balls. So I purchased a set of irons and continued my training. I purchased a Cobra driver that I felt comfortable to swing. Added a few Hybrids to help me along the course. Repeating my exercise and swing techniques with a modified single plane swing using my big muscles the best I can. I now play a fair game and surprise my fellow golfers with my repeatability. Sure my distance is not as far as when using a rotary but I am now 39 years older at 69.

I am having fun again swinging a club on the course. People still asked me why I do not follow through to the end top of my swing. This is limited by the fusion lower and thoracic. My swing allows me to comfortably swing. MY grip technique helps me. I do not overlap but I have found my grip. I just need to keep my body steady in a good stance during my swing using the upper big muscle without allowing the fusions to interfere. I know the length of my swing and restrict myself to those limits if I do not then my swing is not complete but erratic. And I do feel the pain from a poor swing.

Sorry about the long story, left out some details that would have elongated the story.

Just a thank you to all members of the Graves academy for your videos & notebooks that have opened my experiences with a little modification to the technique to suit my physical limitations.

I have decided to try the new King Cobra One Length irons. I feel the set will improve my repeatability and hopefully, my distance will equalize for each club as compared to my varied length ‘Ideas’. My swing speed is rhythmic with slow back and pause at the top with the top of my end swing at 3/4 because of the fusion (mostly due to the thoracic).

Again, thank you very much for continuing Moe’s proven technique for a single plane swing.


Gary S.


Thank you so much for your email about your success with the SPS. You are the reason that we (GGA) continue to innovate and spread our message to golfers around the world. It is great to hear that even though you have had some pretty serious back surgeries, you continue to play and love the game. That, in itself, makes my day.

Keep having fun and swinging like Moe!  



One comment on “Testimonial”
  1. Christopher P Johnson says:

    That is a great testimony both to his determination and heart, and of the repeatability of the single plane swing!!! Good for you, Gary!!!


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