Moe’s Master Pin

Moe carried his Masters Badge in the glovebox of his car. He was never without it.  I often asked him to show it to me so that he could feel proud of his accomplishment.  A masters badge is quite an honor.


On one occasion I asked him to show it to me when he pulled it out of the glove box wind-swept through the car blowing papers from the compartment.  I chased the papers around the parking lot with a golf club, trapping one of them.  When I picked it up I noticed it was a check from Golf Digest for video sales royalties.  The check was 5 months old.

“Moe, you need to deposit this check,” I said “they expire after a while.”

“Ok, Ok” Moe said as I put the check back in his car.

Moe carried pockets full of cash. One time I asked him how much he had in his pocket and I stopped counting at $20,000.  Thanks to his good friends in Canada who managed his money and his finances.

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