Charity for Moe Norman Golf

Hello Moe Norman fans.

As a new initiative for Graves Golf – I am working heavily with a charity this year. Purchase a Moe Norman Product and $17 will go to charity. I am hoping to raise money for a very important cause.

Here is my recent promotional video.

This is Jarrad. He is the young man who contacted me a few years ago.  He runs the HUG – Help Us Golf – portion of HEAL. Jarrad is passionate about golf amoe norman golfnd a huge fan of Moe Norman. Follow Jarrad on Facebook and keep up with his activities. He is quite an artist and aspiring golfer. Jarrad has inspired me to make HEAL the flagship charity for Graves Golf.

Please help me help Jarrad – and all of the great kids at Heal.

You can order the Moe Norman Notebook here:  Remember, $17 goes to charity for each purchase.

Go here to learn more

Thank you.


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