My Path to Moe (Part 3)

I just found the video from the very day I met Moe. What a treat!  I was listening to the clinic he gave that day and found myself having such a great time listening to his dialogue with the crowd. I thought you might enjoy a few of the quotes from the video.

“I’m the only guy that can swing where I aim”.

“22 inches past the ball my blade is still square”

“My clubface never fluctuates” (Never twists)

“What is the perfect swing (Moe swings like a pendulum) …Your kids on a swing, are you going to twist the chain? Nooo….”

“I’m the only guy who swings though the golf course, everybody else swings around the golf course. I’m the only guy who swings through as you’re going to see….”

“I’m the only guy who swings under my body…”

“My legs get wider at impact not tighter…My legs get wider…like Hogan. Hogan and I.”

“If there is ever a tournament at midnight, I’d be the only one under par. I’d know where to walk, right down the middle.”

“Everybody else, I went right, I went left…I know where I went guys, its nice out here.”

“But Why? Because I play by feel.”

“Here is the only club that has variation (showing his wedge) …from a (chip shot) to 110 to 120 yards. This is the club you score with.”

“This is the one you turn double bogeys into bogeys or bogeys into pars or pars into birdies.”

“Hit your drive in the trees, chip it up 40 yards from the green knock it like this and still make par.”

“Don’t forget this game is not how it’s how many that’s the bottom line. It’s what did you have not how did you play? And that’s never going to change.”

“I’m never ball oriented – I’m target oriented. Where’s my target…boing! (Moe hits). Right at it, just like throwing a dart.”

“When I was 62 I shot 59 and broke my age by 3.  Oh, what a feeling. Something money can’t buy.”

“Two things money can’t buy, knowledge and talent. Isn’t that wonderful, money can’t buy what I can do. Only Hard work.”

“Chipping…. My left wrist never leaves the angle I started with.”





2 comments on “My Path to Moe (Part 3)”
  1. allan says:

    that was terrific the thing that never changes is his club face even after hitting the ball.


  2. Doyle Burke says:

    Mod will always be remembered because of your golf instruction. Will the movie you once talked about ever be made?


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