Moe Norman Pulled from the Team

From the Moe Norman Scrapbook

1956 Moe-Norman-Ruled-Pro-1956.gif

This post, written by golf journalist Len Taylor, comes from our scrapbook of Moe Norman’s life and historic events as told by the press. It is a well known fact that Moe did not always coincide with the RCGA’s rules positively, particularly because of Moe’s demeanor of making audiences laugh and smile with him when he played tournaments. But it was particularly because of Moe selling his tournament prizes, such as television sets or ovens he had won, for money he needed that often got him in the Royal Canadian Golf Association’s crosshairs.

Len Taylor writes about other players’ complaints regarding Moe’s violation of several rules for selling his prizes. Taylor writes about the refusal of RCGA President James Anglin to comment on the RCGA suspension of Moe Norman from the national team and his recognition as a professional golfer by the biggest golf deciding body in Canada.

Taylor writes that the trip would be a huge setback for Moe Norman, who at the time wanted to play golf for Canada in Mexico against Americans. However, his professional ranking allowed him to play better tournaments that gave cash, and not appliance, prizes.


2 comments on “Moe Norman Pulled from the Team”
  1. Ken Faner says:

    Thanks for all the great info over the years. I would like so much to take part in one of schools but money has been tight. I have wanted to contact you but just thought it wasn’t right. I to have played with the
    great Moe Norman actually three times. At my golf club they all call me Moe. Looking forward to more of
    your great info.


    1. Todd Graves says:

      Thanks Ken. I’d love to hear your stories about Moe.


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