Moe Norman Top View

moe-overheadA rare look at the form the top view of Moe Norman shows us the simple geometry of a perfect single plane swing and the way Moe simplified the golf swing. I call this the “grid”.

At address, you can see the shoulder blade alignment and its relationship parallel to the target line where, as Moe Tilted the spine, the shoulders align to the target. The lead arm is above the trailing arm. (line through shoulders).

The club aligns with the lead arm and is at an angle pointing to the lead shoulder. The head is positioned behind the ball.

The club face, even though it is placed well behind the ball is square to the target line, and the lead foot is slightly rotated toward the target. (clubface arrow/line)

Notice how the trial shoulder is back to address more than the front shoulder.

It is geometrically significant that the club shaft points through the lower spine (Yellow line) at address. The exact location of the golf ball position (white line from the ball to mid back) is noting that this club to body relationship is intact making it easy for Moe, as he rotates and moves his body forward, to lead the hands into impact.

The club pointing to the lead side is due to the proper spine tilt at address allowing the upper spine to be behind the lower spine.

The club shaft pointing to the mid spine and back is significant as it shows how the Single Plane swing is lead sided where the lead hip is forward throughout the entire golf swing through impact.

As Moe Swings, notice how the club moves on an inwards path and hands move to a position in front of the trail shoulder approximately shoulder height. The Trail elbow moves to a position just behind around and in front of the trail hip.

As Moe transitions, you see the lower body move forward into the lead knee as his hands move down into impact where the hands are ahead of their original starting position.

Moe’s demonstrates the ideal rotation of the shoulders and hips showing how the arms move down and lead the hands into impact creating the perfect motion to through impact where Moe produced maximum speed at the ideal place and time – making him the greatest and most consistent ball strikers to ever play the game.


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