Peter Jacobsen on Moe Norman

One of the great things about filming a documentary has been all of the interesting people that that are sharing stories about Moe.  I love the stories  that I haven’t heard before and I heard a great one today during my Interview with PGA Tour player – Peter Jacobsen who now broadcasts tournaments for the Golf Channel and NBC Sports.

Peter Jacobsen on Moe Norman
Peter Jacobsen (left) and Todd Graves

Peter met Moe in the late 1970’s at the Canadian Open.  I found a few pictures of him hanging out with Moe on the Range.

Moe Norman and the PGA Pro's
PGA Pro’s watching Moe Norman at the Canadian Open

Peter Jacobsen 4 copy

I was fascinated by his thoughts on Moe as an entertainer.

“At the end of the day, golf is entertainment and Moe was a great entertainer.  To stand out in front of a crowd and give your energy, talk about it and then teach it is a gift.  Moe was such a giving person and gave of himself. I am attracted to guys like Moe,”

Peter knows entertainment as he is well-known as one of the most charismatic and engaging players to ever play on the PGA Tour.

Aside from playing on the tour, he appeared as himself alongside Kevin Costner in the 1996 movie Tin Cup, where he was the winner of the fictional U.S.Open. A self-taught guitarist, Jacobsen was a founding member and lead singer of Jake Trout & The Flounders, a band he formed in the mid-80s with Mark Lye and Payne Stewart. The group is no longer together, but they recorded two albums.

He is also known for his laid-back, humorous personality. During the Fred Meyer Challenge, he was known to do impressions of other players, such as Craig Stadler. The event was filmed and broadcast on the Golf Channel, and they have released a DVD and VHS of the footage, titled “Peter’s Party.

Peter Jacobsen on Moe Norman
Peter Jacobsen and Todd Graves

With such an accepting and engaging personality, I am certain that Moe loved the time he spend with Peter on the range, especially hearing how much he appreciated Moe’s talent.

I asked Peter why he thought Moe didn’t have much success on the PGA Tour, having only played a dozen tournaments.


Peter recalls,

“”I think it is for a couple of reasons. Moe would say ‘Too slow for Moe, too slow for Moe’ because he played so fast he couldn’t stand taking so long to play golf in tournaments on the tour because Moe hit it so straight and everyone else on tour was hitting it all over the place.”

On a final note, I wanted to mention how grateful I am to Peter for his time to be interviewed and mention how nice of a person he is.  At the end of our interview I asked him how he felt Moe would influence the game of golf.  His response gives insight into the type of person he is.

“It’s important to be a nice and giving and Moe was that type of person.  That is what Moe left as his most important legacy.”

To find out more about The Moe Norman Documentary and help the project make it into the Toronto Film Festival, please donate to the film here:


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