The GGA Bunker Board

The green-side bunker shot. I can’t think of a more natural shot that makes so many golfers cringe. What makes this shot so difficult for so many?

First of all, on a conventional sand wedge, the club face is opened to increase the bounce of the club.

open face.jpg
Opening the face increases bounce

Second, beginning the clubface challenges many golfers because it also requires that you open the body to align the club somewhere near the target line.

Open body to target

Next, you must hit behind the ball a few inches and let the club bounce through the sand, under the ball.

Hit behind ball and bounce club under ball

The GGA bunker board is designed to help you learn these fundamentals. Lines on the board indicate where the ball is placed (BP) and the club enters (EN) and exits (EX). By drawing lines in the sand, you can practice where your organization comes the sand.


Markings on the board also indicate where your feet should be placed. If you want to hit the ball higher, you will put both feet at the (H) position. For lower shots, you set your feet at the (L) position.



Lines on the board indicate where the board is placed relative to your target.


By aiming the “target” line to the target, you can then swing down the swing path of the board creating the ideal club angles into the sand.


As with all of GGA’s training aids, we like to keep them simple, compact and easy to use. The one-piece design comfortably fits into your golf bag making it easy to transport and ready to use. The bunker board is also durable and weather resistant.

To find out more about the GGA Bunker board, you can visit our website at this link GGA Bunker Board.



One comment on “The GGA Bunker Board”
  1. Lonnie says:

    Todd, Seems like a very simple tool to check out. Are you advising any changes to grip (i.e. weakening) as part of the process in using your training aid? Thanks.


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