Moe Norman vs Conventional Golf

Single Plane Solution (Free) Live Webinar

Hello Moe Norman Fans,

I will be live tomorrow night for a broadcast helping golfers Discover the Single Plane Swing.  

We will discuss:


My search for an easier way and the discovery of the Single Plane swing.

Tim and I will go through the basic difference between the Single Plane and Conventional Swing / Discussion of how it is easier, saves back – easier way to get to impact

We will also discuss the basics of how we teach the Single Plane Swing including:

Pivot Point Discovery
Positions of the swing
Swing Plane
We will help you discover:

Why Moe Norman was the greatest ballstriker.

1) How the SPS is easier on the Back
2) How the SPS has less rotation than conventional
3) How the SPS makes it easier to achieve the golf swing’s most important moment – IMPACT.
4) How the SPS has less movement than the Conventional swing

Click this link to register.

Click this link to register and please send this to all of your friends who would like insight into how we can help them have more fun playing golf.

Click this link:

Single Plane Swing Webinar Registration

I look forward to seeing you soon.



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