Moe’s Swing “Crock of Bull” Cont.

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My “Ex-Tour Pro” friend considers Moe’s swing a “Crock of Bull.” I would say, instead of criticizing Moe’s swing as a solution, give me one. Saying everyone should “Swing their Own Swing” isn’t a solution by the way.

We need a new Model.

I am privileged to talk to golfers. Not just tour players but the people who play the game for fun – the 99.98 % of all golfers. Why do average golfers tend to focus so intently on the elite PGA Tour Players for direction?

To make this a better game we must make it simple. For me, this doesn’t mean looking at PGA Tour players as models. It means asking the average golfer – “Why did you quit?” and solving his problem from there.

Hello PGA of America are you listening? Let me make the answer simple for you – people aren’t playing golf because it’s too hard and not fun and the system that is in place to make it more fun – well there is no system. A few years ago the PGA asked a bunch of its members to give free lessons to grow the game. Thousands of golfers came for lessons and realized how hard it was.  It was a disaster.

Don’t get me wrong, on occasion the PGA can give good advice, and I sure do enjoy watching the play in the main tournaments but realistically, the PGA Tour is Golf Theater, and the players are great and very skilled entertainers. They are the elite.

I have some excellent friends currently on the PGA Tour but asking them for golf swing advice doesn’t make sense. Just think that if you took swing advice from the Top 10 money winners. You would feel like you needed a translator. They only can’t relate to the average golfer.

Not all golf teachers can relate either. Most of the guys sitting in the pro-shop waiting for the next lesson to walk through the doors of the shop is just a “repairman” trying to fix an unfixable system. Then the PGA of America wonders why participation in the game is declining.

So to those who are considering quitting because golf isn’t fun anymore, I offer you a NEW MODEL – a solution: Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing, an easier way to play a challenging game.

Let me back my words up with my research.

To simplify the golf swing, you must first define “simple.” In golf swing terms, simple would mean less movement of the body, easier movement of the body, less rotation and less pain – all of which moves into the golf swing easier to repeat.

Simple would also mean that it is more accessible to from point a to point b. In golf swing terms this means going from address to the moment of impact. To Simplify the golf swing, you must make it easier to get to the time of impact with less movement, rotation, and stress. This is where Moe’s swing comes in.

Moe’s address position creates a mechanical advantage because he sets up closer to where the club will impact. He sets the club on the incidence plane at the very start of his swing. This creates the proper “spacing” between the body and ball. We call this the “Single Plane”. Spacing is an important element to understand because when Moe swings, he can move his body less to get to impact. Moe’s address is a fundamental part of simplification. But it doesn’t stop with just the Single Plane Club position.

From the Single Plane club position at address, Moe’s spine is tilted at approximately 15 degrees at address. The average conventional golfer is relative 3 degrees. Every good golfer achieves about 25 degrees of spine tilt at impact. This is the natural position of the body to strike at impact powerfully. By starting at 15 degrees of angle to begin, Moe simplified the backswing and downswing because his spine moved 74 percent less than a conventional golfer.

Moe’s trail hand position provides the golfer with an easier movement of the hands into impact. From address to impact, Moe’s trailside has no rotation. The average conventional golfer has 13 degrees of rotation from address to impact. Moe eliminated the trail hand rotation, improving it by 100%.

Moe reduced pain as well. Because of the spatial problem, I mentioned above the average conventional golfer’s spine moves up 3 inches into impact while his head moves down approximately 1 inch. This creates compression between the head and lower back causing compression. Moe’s spine moved down one inch, the same as his head. The spine and head move equidistant – eliminating compression and stress in the lower back.

These are just a few of the “data points” explaining why Moe’s swing is easier. It makes it simpler to get the club square at impact.

Oh, by the way. Give a youngster a stick and ask him to hit a rock on the ground.  He will point his arms and the rod directly at the rock creating a “Single Plane.” Moe’s swing is a natural way to hit an object on the ground. Why aren’t we listening to nature? Maybe the model isn’t new, and it’s been right in front of us.

Maybe we’re watching too much TV on weekends.





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