Marathon Moe-Canadian Golfer

1963 moe-drives-1540-balls.gif

TORONTO (CP) – “From now on,” said Moe Norman, the golfer, “call me Marathon Moe.”

For no other reason really, than that he’s an unorthodox guy, Norman had just driven 1,540 golf balls at a driving range yesterday, Each one went more than 225 yards, and most soared out in Norman’s usual straight-as-a-die fashion.

A former Canadian Amateur Champion from Kitchener, Norman is a professional now at a Toronto course.

Working from a specially-constructed stage, he took six hours and 51 minutes for the feat.

Since nobody had tried the stunt before — or found any reason to, for that matter — Norman made his own rules. One of them was that he was allowed a five-minute break every hour. Only drives farther than 200 yards were to count, but that rule didn’t mean anything because he didn’t miss one.

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