My 2017 Promises

I’m having a great moment as I sit here at Starbucks considering my plans for 2017. If you didn’t know, I turned 50 last year. Nothing exciting to report about turning 50 other than I can feel the clock tick a bit faster and it takes a bit longer to complete a workout.

Today I am making some resolutions of what I plan to do for the next 12 months. I want all of you to hold me accountable, so I thought I would tell you about my plans.

I decided that I am dedicating this year to you, the Moe Norman fans of the world. To honor you and your interest in Moe, in 2017 I am pushing forward on the following:

  • 1. Getting Moe inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame

I know this is ambitious. My good friend Peter Fox has put me up to it. I told him this would be a major project and he said – and I quote “Yes, I agree, but the only person in the world to do it is YOU!” So I am taking it on (with Peter’s help of course).

  • 2. Dedicate more Graves Golf initiatives for HEAL

I am extremely passionate about HEAL – a non-profit organization that helps kids. HEAL, an acronym for Healing Every Autistic Life also has a group called HUG for Help Us Golf. I plan to make 2017 a great year for HEAL and a great year for the kids. You can find out more information about HEAL here: Donate while you’re there!

  • 3. Improving – keep it alive with great content has been a passion project. The site has been live for one month, and as you can see, I have hundreds of articles and stories about Moe. My goal is to build the site as a place that you can go to learn about his life and experiences where we all share in the joy of “knowing Moe.”

  • 4.  Complete my book – a personal story about Moe 

Moe has been an important part of my life. I have learned so much from knowing him. My goal is to share this knowledge with you in this manuscript.

  • 5. Single Plane Golf Association

Launch the Single Plane Golf Association (SPGA) – a place where likeminded Single Plane and Moe Norman fans can congregate and benefit from the community of golfers who found Moe.  I am excited about the SPGA.

  • 6.  Play golf again

I can hear everyone in my company laughing right now.  I say every year. I always have good intentions to play golf, but business always takes priority. In 2017 I would like to start at least hitting some balls to get back into “golf shape” and maybe play some golf with the guys.

I would love to hear about some of your New Year’s Resolutions. Email me at!



4 comments on “My 2017 Promises”
  1. Peter Bloxham says:

    What a great post Todd.

    Might I suggest an alternative goal – to find a prospect who can take Moe’s legacy (his swing) to the top echelon of golf.

    As hard as I try to convince golfing buddies of the virtues of Moe, or his swing or your teaching, I always get the same challenge – so why is no top golfer using it if it’s so good? I can’t answer that.


    Peter Bloxham

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    1. Todd Graves says:

      The most common comment I receive at my schools is “If this doesn’t work, I will quit golf”.

      Golf is hard.

      I don’t try to convince anyone. I definitely don’t want to spend my time “hoping” that a player gets on tour. Moe used to say “don’t play with Hope and Fear” so I don’t live life or teach with Hope and Fear either. I don’t try to convince, I educate, that is what I do.

      I love teaching and education people about Moe’s swing – those who find the value of Moe’s swing will benefit. If they don’t see the value then they will probably struggle more. Eventually they might want to give it a try.


  2. Rollen Casselberry says:

    If you study professional swings at all you will find many who use much of Moe’s swing! Steve Sticker and Zach Johnson are two that come too mind! Rollen Casselberry.


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