Moe Stole My Golf Club

In the late 90’s Natural Golf had finally built a golf club worth hitting – the copper-beryllium line of woods. I was to hit the club and give Natural Golf Corporation some feedback to make some adjustments. After about a week, I fell in love with the club. It was low profile, easy to hit from the fairway and great out of the rough. It was solid and heavy and made a great sound. I was excited to show it to Moe.

When I arrived at the range, I sheepishly pulled it from my bag. The club was without logos – a new prototype – the only one if its kind.

“Moe you should hit this 3 wood. It’s new; I just got it from Natural Golf.”

Moe pulled it from my han1960-moe-norman-on-trunk-of-car-pg25d set in on the ground with his left hand and looks down at the top of it.

“Oooh. Looks good” he said.

Without another word, Moe raked a ball from the pile, took his stance and “WHACK!” or more like “WHINK” (the copper beryllium sound), the ball screamed off of the face.  Moe liked heavy clubs. I knew he would love this club.

“You like it?” I asked.

“Oooh, I guess, I guess” he said.

“You want me to get you one?” I asked.

“I’ll take this one, I’ll take this one”

I lost my new club that day. I couldn’t get it out of his hands.

A few months later I was digging through Moe’s trunk and found my Copper 3-wood among the dozens of clubs clumped together. I noticed that he had four additional 3-woods just like the one he took from me.

“Can I have mine back?” I asked.

“No, No, I’m collecting them now.” He said as we gathered our clubs, closed his trunk and headed back to the range.






One comment on “Moe Stole My Golf Club”
  1. Dan Buckenberger says:

    I still have a set of those woods 3,5,7 & a 2 or 3 hybrid & Pipeline irons I’ll have to take them out to the range next time I go


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