Moe Norman Back View

Moe’s Swing Can Save Your Back

One of the unique aspects of Moe’s golf swing is that is can save your back. There’s a biomechanical reason for this – mainly that his lead knee flexes into impact taking pressure from the lower spine.

Conventional golfers lower back move upward into impact causing compression. Moe’s lower back moves down reducing the stress.


At address, Moe’s tilt of the spine allows for the lower back to move slightly forward in the backswing rotation. This makes it easy to transition into the downswing into a flexed lead knee.

Notice the tilt at the address where these legs form a stabilized position I call an “A” frame.

To the top of his backswing, his lower spine moves slightly forward as he braces against his trail leg.

Immediately into the downswing, he braces into his lead knee. These stabilize the lead hip so that he can continue the torso rotation into the downswing.

Moe Norman’s swing stabilizes the lead hip by flexing rather than straightening the lead knee. These takes pressure off of the pelvis and back.

At impact, Moe has rotated his hips and torso with the lead knee flexed and trail foot on the ground. He has maximized his pelvis rotation.

Through impact into release, you can see the lead leg flex and stability as his trail knee moves down due to trail hip rotation.

Finally, you can still see the lead knee flexed into his completed finish.

Learn more about the biomechanics of Moe’s swing and see the video of his swing from the back view in the Moe Norman “Notebook.”

Here is the link.


The Moe Norman Notebook





3 comments on “Moe’s Swing Can Save Your Back”
  1. Ken Byers says:

    I never noticed it before, but the above swing sequence shows Moe’s head quite a bit lower at impact and follow-through than at the top of his backswing. I’ve always tried to keep my head fairly level. Comment?


  2. Todd Graves says:

    Moe’s head is slightly lower (that address) at impact and even lower after impact. The head moves down equal distance to the lead knee bending. The lead knee is more bent after impact than at impact. This is why the head should lower slightly.


  3. Alan Mayer says:

    “Moe’s swing can save your back”. That sounds hokey, but it’s true. Before I started with GGA, I was a very occasional golfer. My lower back was very sensitive to strain, and the times I did play golf, I paid for it with pain and discomfort that made the rest of everyday activity a struggle. Now, with this swing, there is no back pain. There is no discomfort during or after 18 holes…or…the rest of the day/night. It makes total sense when looking at the bio mechanics of Moe’s swing. The back is totally supported throughout. There’s no fear that your back will hurt, which helps to give you confidence to swing as hard as you want. It’s easy to see now why Moe played so well into his 70s!


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