Moe Norman Tips on Golf 1959

It was photographs like this series that can sometimes pant a confusing picture about Moe’s swing.  You see that in the second picture, Moe’s hands are together.  He is clearly demonstrating a position or feeling. He is not hitting the ball in this picture but as the caption of the picture indicates, Moe felt very left sided in the takeaway.

In Picture 4 (bottom left) Moe mentions that shifting the hips to the left helps to rotate the shoulders.  I love Picture 5 (bottom middle) showing the extension of the right arm.

1959 Moe Norman-tips-on-golf-1959.gif

Moe Norman, pro at Toronot’s De Havilland Golf course for the past two years, this week explains the use of the tricky 2-iron, Moe won the Canadian amateur championship in 1955 and 1956, added the Ontario Open last year. He tied with Gene Littler in the New Orleans Open. Starting at Kitchener Westmount, he moved to Rockway and shot a 59.

The 2-iron, says Moe, is one of the most difficult clubs to master. It is of great value as a distance club, its range being 175 to 195 yards. “The secret of a successful shot with this club,” he said, “is not to hurry the backswing or downswing.” The ball is played in advance of center, closer to the left heel, as you would play a fairway wood and not taking too much turf.


One comment on “Moe Norman Tips on Golf 1959”
  1. Les Greenhalgh says:

    Great power position in picture No4 I find it amazing how that swing then and as taught now has stood the test of time. Wonderful


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