Moe’s Tips on Golf 1959

It was photographs like this series that can sometimes pant a confusing picture about Moe’s swing.  You see that in the second picture, Moe’s hands are together.  He is clearly demonstrating a position or feeling. He is not hitting the ball in this picture but as the caption of the picture indicates, Moe felt very left sided in the takeaway.

In Picture 4 (bottom left) Moe mentions that shifting the hips to the left helps to rotate the shoulders.  I love Picture 5 (bottom middle) showing the extension of the right arm.

1959 Moe Norman-tips-on-golf-1959.gif


One comment on “Moe’s Tips on Golf 1959”
  1. Les Greenhalgh says:

    Great power position in picture No4 I find it amazing how that swing then and as taught now has stood the test of time. Wonderful


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